The Ocon Common Council will analyze a plan to control the deer population | Oconomowoc News

OCONOMOWOC — The Common Council will consider a strategic deer management plan on Oct. 4, according to Oconomowoc Mayor Bob Magnus.

The Committee of the Whole previously discussed the item without a motion on September 6. The proposal would allow hunting on certain city-owned land to control and manage the abundance of deer found within the city limits. The current ordinance does not allow hunting of deer or small game on city land.

The police department reviewed the Oconomowoc city ordinance, reviewed the ordinances of other municipalities, and spoke with the Department of Natural Resources.

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The police department recommends the creation of two zones on city property. Zone 1 is defined as city land bordered by the Wastewater Treatment Plant to the north, the Interurban Road to the east, the Oconomowoc River to the west, and the conservatory to the south (34.8 acres). Zone 2 is city land bordered by the Oconomowoc Industrial Park to the north west, the Oconomowoc River to the east, the River Bluff subdivision to the west, and Orchards at River Bluff to the south (27.38 acres) , according to documents from the online meeting.

Hunting would be limited to bows, crossbows, and other similar items. Firearms are not allowed. Other restrictions include no permanent tree stands or temporary overnight tree stands. No clearing of trees or brush will be permitted and a permit is required to retrieve a deer from private property.

Property owners who refuse to give volunteer hunters permission to harvest culled deer from their property will be responsible for tagging the deer, delivering the deer head to a DNR chronic disease disposal testing site, and donating the deer slaughtered to individuals or to a food pantry. or otherwise dispose of the slaughtered deer.