The Nomad Pursuit Convertible Turkey Vest provides excellent functionality with a minimalist design for fast-paced turkey hunts.

Hunting vests are a necessary piece of equipment. The Nomad Pursuit Convertible Turkey Vest is a cutting-edge design that offers a highly functional yet minimalist twist on the turkey hunting vest. The lightweight, versatile design is exceptional in its class, allowing hunters to choose between wearing a traditional vest or unzipping and converting the lower half of the vest into a fanny pack.

The Pursuit Convertible Vest ensures that the only additional weight hunters will have to lug around is the weight of a long beard in the rear roll-top hunting bag. The game bag has a multi-purpose setup as hunters can use it for additional layers of clothing or gear. This lightweight design doesn’t come at the expense of optimal storage options. The Pursuit Convertible Vest provides multiple pockets to keep your most-used items close by. A turkey’s vision is keen, keeping hunters on their toes during a chase. Chest and side storage pockets allow for minimal movement, which is critical to successfully harvesting a turkey. The chest pocket provides space for a rangefinder or cell phone, while the external Thermacell® pocket helps keep unwanted insects out during a hunt.

The Pursuit Convertible Vest provides two friction and muzzle call pockets, one cockpit call pocket, and a locator holster. The zippered cargo pocket also has elastic loops to hold firing pins and shotgun shells. Hunters can quickly trigger the call of their choice and locate a potential eater, all without searching far-flung purses or pants pockets.

The Pursuit Convertible Vest has a double-padded, high-density foam cushion for optimal comfort, with a magnetic closure. The magnetic closure comes in handy when making a quick move or changing the game plan on the hunt. The vest is available in two different camo print options Mossy Oak, Mossy Oak Bottomland® or Mossy Oak Shadowleaf®. Both camouflage patterns have been shown to easily blend hunters into the surrounding terrain.

Nomad Pursuit Convertible Turkey Vest

  • Wear as a traditional vest
  • It becomes a fanny pack.
  • Two friction call pockets
  • Zippered cargo storage pocket with elastic loops for firing pin and shotgun shell
  • Thermacell® external pocket
  • Snare call pocket with adjustable buckle, chalk bag and pager call holster
  • High-density foam seat with double padding and magnetic closure
  • Water bottle pocket
  • foldable game bag
  • roll up game bag
  • Chest pocket for rangefinder/cell phone
  • Mouth call pockets
  • Mossy Oak® Bottomland® or Shadow Leaf®
  • MSRP: $100

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