The next generation CZ 712 G3 target shooting shotgun includes multiple upgrades

It’s easy to fall in love with the new CZ 712 G3. The next-generation shotgun inherits the best features of the G2 while adding enhancements like enlarged controls, adjustable comb, original wedges, and CZ active chokes for an even better shooting experience than its predecessor. This gas-operated semi-auto uses a light-alloy receiver and handles a variety of cartridge loads due to the two-gun system, making it a versatile shotgun for clays, mountain game or waterfowl. The 712 G3 Target offers exceptional performance at an affordable price.

A Turkish walnut stock and fore-end, a matte black finish, and a 7mm wide vented barrel set this shotgun apart. Its 30-inch barrel balances the shotgun and rocks smoothly, while a redesigned butt plate improves comfort and tames recoil.

CZ knows that good eye to barrel alignment improves the shot. Therefore, the new 712 G3 Target features an adjustable comb and standard wedge set that allows for mounting or dismounting and up or down adjustments for the perfect custom fit.

The addition of an oversized bolt handle makes the G3 easier to operate, while its enlarged bolt release facilitates faster reloads. The safety was moved to the front of the trigger guard and enlarged; it is out of the way but still easy to access. The designers also moved the bolt to the right side of the shotgun, forward of the safety. And now it’s easier to push and close. Improved ergonomics make the CZ 712 G3 Target super intuitive!

The G3 includes five of CZ’s new Active-Choke extended chokes. They feature a longer parallel section, offering the best possible patterns from their 0.735-inch bore (an improvement from the 0.730-inch bore of the previous 712). Extended chokes are easy to change, tighten without tools, and mid-body threads hold the choke securely in place. Active chokes make it easy to swap constrictions for different target presentations.

The ability to use a wide range of ammunition takes the G3 to the next level of performance and versatility. The CZ 712 G3 includes two interchangeable pistons; one that cycles 2¾” light target charges and one for 3” magnum field charges for heavy and light charges. Either piston accepts a wide range of shotshells within its designation. With the lightweight piston installed, shooters appreciate the soft recoil target shot cartridges that can be easily changed.

The next generation 712 G3 lens ticks all the boxes for shooters looking for greater ease of use and performance. It is available at dealers now.

Features of the CZ 712 G3 lens:

  • adjustable comb
  • 1012 Activation Group
  • High security, bolt release and bolt lock
  • Improved bolt release and easier to push
  • Bolt lock is now located on the side of the receiver
  • New safety location (in front of the trigger guard), suitable for lefties
  • Original shims now included achieving the perfect fit
  • new butt pad
  • 7mm rib
  • .735 bore (oversized) CZ Active chokes with extended parallel section for improved pattern consistency
  • Threaded into the top 2/3 of the choke, holding the choke securely in place
  • Shipped with two pistons, light and heavy, for target and field charges.

Specifications of the CZ 712 G3 lens:

  • SKU: 06310
  • Camera: 12ga
  • Magazine Capacity: 3, 4+1 (maximum)
  • Shell Length: 2 3/4, 3 inches
  • Barrel Length: 30 in
  • Shocks: 5 (F, MI, M, IC, C)
  • Stock: turkish walnut
  • Pull Length: 14 1/2 inches
  • Barrel Finish: Matt black
  • Rib: 7mm flat vent
  • Total length: 51 in
  • Weight: 7.3 pounds
  • MSRP: $799.00

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