The new heavy in fishing

TSS Fish introduces a new line of Tungsten Putty


It’s often the key to a successful day’s fishing, and TSS Tungsten Putty delivers in spades. Or, in small drops, if you prefer. Unlike traditional preformed sinkers, Putty allows you to dial in the exact amount of weight you need, where you need it, when you need it.

When you no longer need the weight, you can quickly remove it. Your decision making will be as agile as the fish you are chasing.

“We were excited to feature our tungsten putty in the Fly category of the New Product Showcase this July at ICAST 2022,” says Blake Rice, CEO of TSS Fish.

A parade of the latest and most innovative fishing tackle, New Product Showcase is the perfect place for TSS Fish to present the most versatile, useful and time-saving new fishing product of the year!

“After extensive research, we discovered that Tungsten Putty was needed and decided to add it to our tungsten line,” added Rice.

Perfect for fly fishing, Tungsten Putty will not damage line when applied as a split can. Unlike lead, it is non-toxic and due to its weight and density, smaller amounts can be used, providing a more natural presentation.

Useful and versatile for all types of fishing, from casting flies to crank or trolling in freshwater, saltwater from bass to big game or jigging in hard water. The mastic even helps properly weigh cast nets for maximum performance in great depths or fast water.

Apart from the obvious advantages with soft plastic rigs, putty also works well with hard baits. The extra weight will help cast on windy days and can help dive lures go deeper. TSS Tungsten Putty can be used to quickly adjust the weight of a jerkbait so that it will suspend indefinitely and continue to do so as the water temperature changes, normally a slow process that cannot be easily undone.

When it comes to material choice, “tungsten works great for jig heads, drop-shot weights, sliding sinkers, and any other situation where lead is used,” says Rice.

“Tungsten is much harder than lead. It is 1.7 times denser than lead, which gives it more sensitivity. You can feel every part of the butt,” Rice continues.

Due to its density, tungsten is more streamlined, allowing easier access to tight spots where fish tend to hide. In addition to its smaller size at a given weight, non-toxic tungsten also leaves a smaller environmental footprint on our fisheries.

Find TSS Tungsten Putty now at a Bass Pro Shop or Cabelas near you! Available in four colors: red, gray, green and brown, TSS Tungsten Putty allows you to customize the weight for any water condition. Cut off a small amount, snap it into place, dip it in water, and start fishing!

About TSS fish:

TSS Fish is an outdoor company founded by four avid outdoorsmen who wanted to offer the highest quality products at the lowest prices possible. Our products are made by hunters and fishermen, for hunters and fishermen.