The Mountains Are Calling: Touchstone | News

A “Touchstone”, if I understand correctly, is a happy place for a nature lover. Some feel that it is, “A place in nature that keeps drawing him back again and again through the years, perhaps throughout his life.” This place not only captivates you, it has the power to heal you and soothe your soul to the point that it almost becomes a part of your personality. It’s a place where, once you’re there, the worries and pressures of life are miles away and insignificant.

I had such a place in my younger years, but now it’s inaccessible to me because I can’t get there physically anymore. It was on top of our mountain on the very edge of the Allegheny front, a huge rock that was easy to climb and offered a view of the valley below that was second only to the sky in my opinion. When he was younger and full of energy, he would climb the side of the mountain to get to it, sometimes in hunting season, but often just for the sheer joy and exhilaration of the experience. I shared my father’s love for the wild, adrenaline-fueled feeling we would get when we were “on top” (his term for it).