Introducing the FN 509 CC Edge

FN America, LLC announces the release of the FN 509 CC Edge™, a compact, compensated pistol and the latest addition to the FN Edge™ series of performance-driven products. Featuring an innovative self-indexing quick-disconnect FN compensator, the compensator effectively mitigates recoil for faster shot recovery, improving speed to target, accuracy and overall control of the pistol. The FN Edge series is made up of high performance firearms developed with four key pillars: speed, accuracy, versatility and control. The Edge Series offers firearms performance unmatched over standard models, dramatically improving the user’s shooting experience.

“With the FN Edge series of products, our team of engineers addresses the challenges facing today’s gun enthusiasts in a unique and limitless way. It’s a blend of aesthetics and performance that’s been fine-tuned straight from the factory and delivered with the FN promise of innovation,” said Mark Cherpes, president and CEO of FN America, LLC. “The FN 509 CC Edge is a premium, high-performance 9mm carry pistol that offers improved sight recovery, fireability and more, all without sacrificing overall size for concealed carry.”

The FN Compensator

The key to the performance of the FN 509 CC Edge is the FN compensator. Designed to reduce muzzle rise by approximately 25 percent, the compensator significantly reduces recoil while retaining concealed carry capability. The compensator features V-style ports on each side that vector gases away from the wearer’s field of vision. The result is a flatter, more controlled shooting experience, allowing you to maintain a consistent visual image from shot to shot. Machined from stainless steel and coated with a graphite-colored PVD finish, the compensator is extremely durable and designed to withstand heavy use in standard and self-defense loads for the widest degree of compatibility, while utilizing the spring factory FN 509 recuperator.

“Adding a compensator to a concealed carry pistol is a delicate balance: too small and your compensator can be ineffective. Too big and can’t be hidden as easily along with other potential issues,” said John Ryan, Director of Commercial Product Management for FN America, LLC, discussing FN’s methodology in developing this compensator. “Our engineering team took a full system approach to the design, knowing that this pistol was meant to be a CCW option and needed to operate with as little recoil as possible, but still needed to fit the styling of the FN Edge series. The elegant design of the FN compensator perfectly complements the aesthetics of the Edge series and meets the performance requirements.”

Unlike most other threaded compensators on the market that require removal tools and timing shims to align the compensator with the slider, the FN compensator’s quick release design allows for easy disassembly for cleaning and maintenance. To disassemble the field, remove the slide, push in the front of the compensator and rotate it 90 degrees to release it from the locking lugs on the barrel. To re-secure the compensator, the novel, quick operation is simply reversed. No timing or adjustment is required before use and due to the self-locking lugs machined into the barrel, the compensator will not loosen over time.

“Even if you have the best compensation in the world resulting in virtually zero recoil, it remains a simple fact that most compensated weapons are difficult to take apart for routine maintenance. This was top of mind for us when developing the FN compensator,” said Chris Johnson, senior product manager, Pistols, for FN America, LLC. “Our team evaluated more traditional attachment methods, but chose to explore something new so customers purchasing a CC Edge gun could quickly disassemble both the gun and compensator for easy maintenance. Ultimately, we settled on this quick-detach design that uses a compressed spring and locking ring inside the compensator that mates with cut-away locking lugs on the barrel. It’s a forward-thinking idea and we’re excited about the potential impacts this has for our industry for other barrel accessories.”

In addition to the compensator, the FN 509 CC Edge includes 12-round and two 15-round magazines with machined aluminum base pads; the added weight of the base pads ensures that an empty magazine falls free from the grip frame for ultra-fast reloading. The 4.2-inch cold-hammer forged barrel with a recessed sight crown and a new gold-colored Titanium Nitride PVD coating provide increased lubricity, hardness and long-lasting performance.

The micro red dot dot ready pistol includes FN’s patented low profile optic mounting system, which allows users to mount over 10 different MRDs, without the need for a gunsmith. A green fiber-optic front sight and low-glare blacked-out rear sights are co-witness with more popular optics.

Concealed carry also benefits from the FN Edge series’ exclusive fire control group, to dramatically increase speed and accuracy over standard firearms. The flat-faced trigger has a smooth retrieve and a clean 90-degree rest. When combined with the heavy-duty firing pin, this advanced factory-installed fire control group produces a trigger pull of approximately 5 pounds.

Gun slide lightening cuts and in-mold stippled frame texture, first introduced on the FN 509 LS Edge, allow for superior grip and control for fast, accurate follow-up shots. Its low-profile magazine release is reversible for left-handed users, with a slider release attached to either side of the frame. Completing the advanced ergonomics package, interchangeable backstraps further customize the fit in the hand.

The edge of performance

The FN Edge Series™ is a collection of advanced firearms with chosen performance benefits powered by collaboration with world-class operators intimately familiar with being in danger. They are not “forged” or custom.

FN Edge Series firearms are built on a foundation of unmatched quality standards and extensive testing demanded by military and law enforcement agencies around the world, where consistent performance is at stake and only the best examples make it to the final cut.

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