The mission of Bajío sunglasses deserves the consideration of fishermen and water sports enthusiasts

Rarely will you find a company as committed to the well-being of our planet as BAJÍO Sunglasses. When I found out about the efforts BAJÍO makes to run a sustainable business, I quickly realized that those efforts are incredible.

The mission

BAJÍO’s mission is to protect the world’s saltwater plains and through that mission is its commitment to sustainable business choices. The use of ecological materials and the strict choice of sustainability-driven partners guarantees the responsibility of its mission. From recycled glass in optics to cactus leather cases and bamboo display cases, BAJÍO uses the most sustainable resource in all of its business practices. They even go so far as to vet the vendors they choose to support their products.

If BAJÍO uses recycled glass for lenses, greener options for frames, cactus leather cases, recycled packaging, and bamboo display cases, you can be sure you’re getting green products. Those products are the result of a company built around a higher performance standard using the most sustainable resources and greenest practices. You can read more about the sustainability of Bajío here.

The introduction

With plans to spend some time in the Gulf and local Alabama lakes this summer, it’s time to update our sporty sunglasses. When I started looking at glasses, I had our essential needs in mind. What was most important to us was seeing in murky waters, in gulf waters, and in the glare of the high sun reflecting off the water. Coverage and fit were also vital if we were going to wear them for extended periods in heat, wind, salt, and water spray.

A colleague introduced me to BAJÍO and mentioned that it was a new company with a limited number of styles and models, but that they were adding a few new models to their lineup this summer. With an upcoming deep sea fishing trip planned, I looked at what was available. It was then that I discovered the mission and commitment of B and all the efforts they made to be faithful to that mission. Knowing that it would be an extension of that mission when buying a product made me feel good. I thought that I needed to share this mission with everyone, since it is rare to find a company that goes above and beyond with its initiative in the well-being of our environment.

Technology and features
Bajío technology is simple, the clearest, highest quality lenses available with the best possible protective coating and polarization that are lightweight and comfortable for all day wear. One feature that ensures the perfect fit is the choice of variable frame sizes, available from small to extra large. Sun-blocking temples were another essential feature for our use due to the sun’s reflection off the boat deck. In the lineup, there are six lens colors to choose from to suit users’ personal needs. Simply put, customizable lenses and frames for every style of water sports out there.

The six lens colors were designed for a specific use and each has proven to be the best possible match for that intended use.

  • Blue mirror with gray base. it is the darkest lens offered by B and is excellent for deep sea fishing in bright sunlight.
  • Green mirror with brown base. It is the second darkest lens offered and is perfect for fishing flats, reefs and shorelines in sunlight.
  • Silver mirror with copper base. is a medium light, high contrast lens ideal for fishing western rivers and lakes in low light and strong sunlight.
  • Pink mirror with red base is another good combination for western river and lake fishing.
  • Gray background It is mirrorless and suitable for low contrast situations.
  • copper core It is a good choice for detecting fish and underwater structures.

The selection

Taking all of these features into account, I was able to customize a pair of sunglasses for Richard and a pair for myself. Our new sunglasses fit us comfortably, not just an out-of-the-box fit that we were used to buying.

Richard selected the ROCA in matte dark tort with a rose red mirror base polycarbonate lens. The ROCK offers an extra large frame with a full base wrap for maximum coverage. Vented side shields are designed to reduce light intrusion without fogging. The impact-resistant polycarbonate lens oleophobic coating is scratch-resistant and repels skin oils and water.

“I was surprised by the clarity of the lenses. With Lapis technology and polarization, choosing a darker lens color made the lenses sharp in cloudy morning hours. The lenses worked very well in the bright sun reflecting off the water and the boat deck. ROCA’s lightweight frames stayed comfortable all day and never fogged up in the intense heat.” ~ Richard

I chose the PAILA gloss black frames with blue mirror gray base glass lens. This large frame gave me great coverage with a medium wrap. My pick had the same Lapis technology and polarization as the ROCA mounts. With PAILA, the only difference was that there was slightly less coverage.

“When ordering, I felt that I would have to sacrifice the lightness of the glasses for glass lenses. To my surprise, this was not the case. I also questioned my choice to lose a little less coverage than the ROCA lens, but was pleasantly surprised at how much coverage it had from the intense sun. The PAILA fits comfortably all day and stays in place through all the fishing and fun.” ~NancyJo

BAJÍO’s mission to protect the world’s saltwater plains is worth considering by any fisherman or water sports enthusiast when contemplating new sunglasses. As a sustainability-driven company that uses eco-friendly materials in every frame selection and incorporates advanced technology at comparable prices, in my opinion, the BAJÍO sunglass brand has earned a place at the top of the sunglass market.