The Game Changing New Cooler by YETI

YETI has built a reputation for creating best-in-class coolers and lifestyle products, and this week’s announcement is no exception. He ROADIE WITH WHEELS 48 and the ROADIE WITH WHEELS 60 they are hitting the market in August just in time for hunting season and a very busy fall. The Wheeled Roadie is built for travel. Whether in the back of the SUV or the back of the truck, these coolers are easy to take right to your campsite or boat.

YETI understands innovation. They are continually working on new colors and new products, even products you haven’t even thought of yet. We took our first tour of a YETI store in Charleston, SC last month and it was impressive to see the wide selection of merchandise, from YETI tumblers to all the great color combinations in the cooler line.

The Roadie launch includes two models that will be available in late August: the Roadie 48 ($450) and the larger Roadie 60 ($500). Both refrigerators are nearly 20 inches tall and about 20 inches deep. The Roadie 48 is almost 20 inches wide and the big Roadie 60 is almost 24 inches wide. They hold around 40 and 50 cans respectively with an ideal YETI ice to can ratio of 2 to 1. The height of these allows them to be tall enough for wine bottles and 2 liter bottles. We often fill old 2-liter bottles with water, freeze them, and throw them into the YETI along with ice cubes. We will do this when we know we have extra space and this will allow us to have cold water to drink after several days.

Fully loaded, the big YETI Roadie 60 is a solid cooler. Integrated wheels make this cooler easy to move with the strong telescopic handle. Loading it on the boat or in the back of your SUV or truck, feel free to ask your friends for help; fully loaded it is heavy. Done right, the YETI Roadie is as solid as any cooler on the market. Ice and cold drinks will last 4-7 days depending on usage. Honestly, you really can’t ask for more than that from a cooler.

Buy it once and take care of it, these will outlast any cooler you’ve had in the past. The handle and ability to maneuver these coolers down the dock, around campground, or down the trail at the hunting camp is truly a game changer.