The permanent solution to speed up your ammunition production

Farmington, MO: Fast and Friendly Brass, a leading brand of tools and processing equipment and supplies for optimal brass loading and reloading efficiency, has the permanent solution for adding an Auto Drive to your Dillon RL 1100.

“We have produced the best solution for adding an Auto-Drive to the Dillon Precision RL 1100 reloader,” said Bill Birmingham, owner of Fast and Friendly Brass. “You have to send us your press and we will return it to you with the ultimate solution to automate the process. It’s a permanent solution, but believe me when I tell you it’s worth it.”

Like other Fast & Friendly brass Auto-Drives, the RL 1000 Auto-Drive is made in the USA from 6061-T6 billet aluminum and hardened 4140 billet steel. It runs for the full stroke of the original Dillon RL 1100 and has a direct drive with no belts or chains. The Auto Drive is powered by a VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) controlled 1/4 HP motor that operates on standard 110/120 VAC and is rated for over 10,000 hours of service. The trick with the Fast and Friendly Brass automatic transmission is that it is crankshaft driven and runs continuously in one direction. This means it works smoother and more efficiently. Competing units lose time and energy when using a back and forth movement.

You can select from a 36:1 gear ratio, with speeds from 0-5333 for all easy sized pistol brasses and rifle brasses, but not for a .300 Blackout conversion. The 50:1 gear ratio has speeds from 0-3840 for most general applications. There is a 75:1 gear ratio available with speeds from 0-2560 for really hard to size .30 caliber brass, like the one normally shot with fully automatic belt fed rifles or SCARs. Depending on your needs, these options should cover you. For more information, visit the Fast & Friendly Brass website.

About Fast and Friendly Brass
Fast and Friendly Brass is wholly owned by Bill Birmingham of Farmington, MO. The company began processing and selling brass in the St. Louis area beginning in 2012 and nationally in 2014. In late 2015, Fast and Friendly Brass ceased processing brass to focus on a larger market need: better tools and equipment to improve efficiency. of reloading and processing of brass. Since then, the company has become an industry leader in high-quality products to make reloading more accurate and efficient. Learn more at