The award-winning Burris Signature HD riflescopes are available NOW!

Greeley, Colo. – Supply chain disruptions and rising inflation need not affect your hunting gear choices this year because Burris has worked to ensure plenty of its award-winning Signature HD riflescopes are on the shelf and ready to mount on your favorite hunting rifle.

The Signature HD series took the outdoor life Big buy in 2020 for good reason: these optics offer all the clarity, features, and precise marking performance you’ve come to expect in a premium riflescope far above its class. From their high-quality multi-coated glass, easy-to-use turrets, rugged construction, and multiple reticle options, Signature HD riflescopes provide hunters with reliable, X-ring accurate solutions for every hunting mission, from prairie dogs to to pronghorn, white tails to coyotes.

The Signature HD comes in three models so you can choose the best magnification for your hunting needs.

Deer hunters will appreciate the Signature HD 2-10x40mm scope’s wide angle of view and low-end magnification range. Perfect for closed forest environments or spreading across large agricultural fields, the 2-10x40mm Signature HD is built on a one-inch nitrogen-filled tube chassis. It includes push/pull locking turrets for custom bullet drop and windage compensation when shooting longer distances, and the turrets have a zero reset, so you’ll never get lost on the dials. For those who prefer to compensate with subtensions rather than marking, the Ballistic E3 reticle is ready with elevation and windage compensation markings for hold and hold.

When distances can vary from close to far away, the Signature HD 3-15x44mm is a smart choice. This 5x zoom riflescope includes all the features found in the 2-10x40mm Signature HD, but adds precision side parallax focusing to deliver precise point-of-aim/point-of-impact performance for longer shots. . Reticle options include the Ballistic E3 or the Burris Plex, which offers pinpoint accuracy with common game cartridges from 100 to 500 yards.

For maximum range on both vermin and large game, the Signature HD 5-25x50mm is the undisputed riflescope. This 30mm optical tube uses three different reticle options including the Ballistic E3, the clean Fine Plex reticle for precision shooting, and the 6.5 Creedmoor reticle calibrated for direct aiming at 700 yards when firing 140 grain ELD-M bullets at 2710. fps

All Signature HD riflescopes are available now through leading local sporting goods dealers and online retailers. With centerfire rifle seasons approaching in much of the country, now is the time to set your rifle up for success. And remember…all Signature HD riflescopes come with the Burris Forever Guarantee, which means Burris will repair or replace the optic if it’s damaged or defective free of charge, no receipt…no questions asked.

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