The application period for the big game draw permit is from June 12 to 23

Residents and non-residents can apply for a lottery-status Nebraska deer permit at three mule deer conservation areas from June 12-23.

In 2023, Platte Mule Deer Conservation Area, Pine Ridge MDCA, and Frenchman MDCA are the only deer permits in the draw. A preference point may be purchased in lieu of entering the drawing.

Eligible residents and property owners may also apply for a firearm or muzzleloader antelope permit, non-residents may apply for a bowbucker permit, and residents may apply for a general elk permit. One Antelope Preference Point and one Moose Bonus Point can be purchased in lieu of participating in the drawing.

The application period opens June 12 at 1 pm Central Time. Applications must be received by the Nebraska Park and Play Commission by 5 pm Central Time, or by 11:59 pm for online applications on June 23. One application per person per species is allowed.

Sweepstakes are used to provide an equal opportunity to obtain permits in high demand. Residents and non-residents are separated in the lottery, with at least 85% of permits reserved for residents.

Applications can be made at, via the application form in the 2023 Big Game Guide, or in person at a Games and Parks permit office. A list of offices is in the Big Game Guide.

Draw results will be available on the first Friday of July.

Visit, which includes a digital version of the Big Game Hunting Guide, for more information.