THAW sets the stage with rechargeable personal hand warmers

One of the biggest complaints about chemical disposable hand warmers is the inability to limit and restart the reaction to conserve heat. That heat energy is lost by walking inside from outside, even if just for a moment. Furthermore, once hand warmers have been used, they are considered trash. For the eco-conscious, this means more waste is produced.

THAW has set out to solve both problems. They have produced large and small personal rechargeable hand warmers. These USB-C charging devices double as power banks for any other electronic devices that might be with you on a cold day. They are warm to the core by offering double-sided heating.

The small and large hand warmers come standard with memory recall to return heating to the way it was with three different power settings. The small hand warmer can heat up to 10 hours in low temperature at 46C/114F, while the large hand warmer can heat up to 17 hours in low temperature at 46C/114F. No matter the environment, THAW has made it a point to keep you warm: warm to the core.

Product details:

  • USB Type-C rechargeable
  • memory recovery
  • Smart power control
  • power bank
  • Battery/charge indicator

It includes:

  • 1 rechargeable hand warmer
  • 1 x USB-C charging cable
  • 1 user manual

Technical specifications:

small hand warmer

  • High (60⁰ C / 140⁰ F): 5 Hours
  • Medium (53⁰ C / 127⁰ F): 7 Hours
  • Low (46⁰ C / 114⁰ F): 10 Hours

large hand warmer

  • High (60⁰ C / 140⁰ F): 10 Hours
  • Medium (53⁰ C / 127⁰ F): 14 Hours
  • Low (46⁰ C / 114⁰ F): 17 Hours

Article number:

  • THA-HND-0013
  • THA-HND-0017

About THAW®:

THAW is reinventing personal heating. Offering traditional disposable options and our modern rechargeable line of pocket hand warmers and seat pads, THAW provides consumers with long-lasting warmth even in the bitterest cold. New this season, THAW introduced app-controlled Bluetooth™ enabled thermal insoles.

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