Texas Parks & Wildlife reminds East Texas hunters of seasonal regulations

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) – As fall approaches in East Texas, it’s also the start of many hunting seasons.

Texas Parks and Wildlife wants to make sure all hunters are aware of any changes in rules and regulations for each season.

September brings the first of East Texas hunting traditions, when dove season begins.

“We have pigeons that start early, there are some small games like squirrel seasons that are available. Obviously the deer is the biggest with archery season starting in October. Wild boar hunting does take place from time to time,” says Roger Wolfe, Texas Parks & Wildlife District 5 leader.

Although there are few changes, Wolfe says that hunters of all seasons should be aware and observe what all the existing regulations are.

A good rule of thumb for any hunter is the TPWL annual outdoor guide.

“It provides an overview of all the rules county by county. So you know what the rules are for pigeon hunting, the season dates and all kinds of things that are within your reach, “said Wolfe.

One change is the addition of mandatory monitoring stations in Kaufman and Van Zandt counties to guard against diseased deer.

“Due to the chronic debilitating disease detected in that area. To make sure it’s not spreading, we’re testing the animals, at no cost to hunters. They can get the results and make the decision whether they want to consume the animal,” Wolfe said.

And safety, as always, is emphasized throughout a hunter safety course.

“Regulations related to passing a hunter safety course, make sure if you are a first time hunter you have taken that course,” Roger said.

For more information on the new hunting regulations in Texas for the 2022 and 2023 season, click here.