TenPoint partners with Project Savior Outdoors to fight PTSD and Veteran Suicide

Mogador, OH. TenPoint Crossbow Technologies, the leading manufacturer of innovative, Made-in-America crossbows and accessories, is pleased to announce its partnership with Project Savior Outdoors.

Founded by Marine Corps veteran Mike Dragich, Project Savior Outdoors’ mission is to fight PTSD and veteran suicide by connecting with the outdoors and sharing the true freedom that comes through Jesus Christ. The organization provides veterans with first-class outdoor experiences, from hunting to fishing to camping, and offers future support through targeted counseling resources and the local church community.

“We are proud to support organizations like Project Savior Outdoors, which provide free outdoor experiences to the men and women who have selflessly given to our country,” said Brian Flaherty, marketing manager. “At TenPoint, we believe the crossbow is a great tool for veterans who need or want to assimilate back into the civilian world, whether it’s through target practice or having the opportunity to hunt and provide food for their family. The quiet nature of the crossbow is also useful for veterans who have trouble with loud noises.”

To learn more about Project Savior Outdoors and how you can support their initiatives, visit https://www.projectsavioroutdoors.org/.

For more information, contact Brian Flaherty, Marketing Manager, [email protected] or visit www.tenpointcrossbows.com.