TenPoint Crossbows Named “Best in Archery” at Kinsey’s Dealer’s Choice Awards

Mogador, OH. After launching a total of 8 new crossbow models including the world’s fastest crossbows and the world’s most affordable take-down crossbows, industry leader TenPoint Crossbows is pleased to announce that they have been named “Best in Archery”. ” at the inaugural Kinsey Dealer. Choice Awards.

“We understand that, like the consumer, dealers have a choice in what they carry and sell, and we are honored to receive the Dealer’s Choice Awards for Best in the Archery category,” said Keith Arnold, vice president of sales . “Our goal is to build the most innovative, reliable and accurate crossbows on the market and to do it right here in Ohio. Being voted Best in Archery by Kinsey dealers validates that we continue to achieve this goal and are committed to maintaining your trust in the TenPoint and Wicked Ridge brands.”

Highlighting the 2023 TenPoint line is the fastest compact crossbow ever, the NEW Flatline 460, the fastest forward-firing crossbow in TenPoint history, the Stealth 450, and a supercharged version of their best-selling ACUslide crossbow, the Viper 430.

All three crossbows, as well as the world’s fastest crossbow, the Nitro 505, now feature dual aluminum stanchions that increase strength by 80%, providing a solid foundation for the optics to deliver long-range accuracy and ” bulletproof” in -field durability”.

Highlighting the 2023 Wicked Ridge line is a NEW AR-style adjustable stock being featured on the Raider 400 De-Cock and Rampage XS. The Raider 400 De-Cock is the lowest-priced takedown crossbow on the market at $749, while the Rampage XS, at $549, is the best affordable hunting machine with an illuminated scope, adjustable stock, and velocities of 390 FPS . Plus, at $449, the Blackhawk XT features premium built-in cocking devices at the lowest prices around.

“Our Dealer’s Choice Awards were created as a way for our dealers to recognize the brands and manufacturers that matter most to their success.” said Rob Wallace of Kinsey’s. “Ultimately, it all comes down to trust. Which manufacturers do dealers trust to consistently deliver the highest quality products? Provide best-in-class dealer support? To develop an innovative product that brings customers to your stores? The distributors have spoken, and it’s no surprise to see TenPoint among the winners. They have long been an excellent example of business done the right way.”

Founded in 1952, Kinsey’s is a leading distributor of archery and firearms products, serving more than 4,600 retailers nationwide. The company’s annual Kinsey’s Dealer Show brings together manufacturers and dealers to showcase and experience the latest outdoor products from leading manufacturers.

For more information on TenPoint’s premium crossbows, visit www.tenpointcrossbows.com.