Tennessee Free Hunting Day Set for Saturday, Squirrel Season to Open | News

NASHVILLE, TN — Tennessee residents can hunt without a license on Saturday, Aug. 22, which is also the opening day of chipmunk season, according to the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency.

Free Hunting Day is an annual event that the TWRA organizes in hopes of increasing interest in hunting. As squirrel hunting is one of the state’s oldest and favorite traditions, the TWRA says, the day serves as an excellent opportunity for unlicensed individuals to enjoy the hunt.

The TWRA says regular hunters are encouraged to introduce their friends and family to the hunt. The TWRA says it’s also a great way to reintroduce people who haven’t hunted in a while.

On Free Hunt Day, in-state hunters are exempt from WMA hunting license and permit requirements. The TWRA says that many of the WMAs are open to hunters seeking public access on Saturday.

The TWRA says to check the information for particular WMAs in the 2020-2021 Tennessee Hunting and Trapping Guide.

Athletes are reminded to ask permission to hunt on private land.

Additionally, TWRA reminds individuals that hunter education requirements are not waived on Free Hunting Day. Anyone born on or after January 1, 1069 must have successfully completed a hunter education course. An apprentice license is required for those born on or after January 1, 1969, if the hunter education course has not been completed.

The TWRA says that this license exempts the hunter from the compulsory hunter education law for one year from the date of purchase, but can only be purchased for up to three consecutive years during the hunter’s lifetime.

The TWRA says hunters can shoot up to 10 squirrels per day from opening day through February 28, 2021. Each hunting day begins a half hour before sunrise and ends a half hour after sunset.

In addition to squirrels, seasonal species will also be open throughout the year. This includes armadillos, beavers, coyotes, groundhogs, and striped skunks.

For more information on hunting in Tennessee, visit TWR website or contact the nearest TWRA regional office.