Tennessee Free Hunting Day and Squirrel Hunting Season Begins Saturday

On Saturday, all Tennessee residents will be able to hunt squirrels without a license.

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — August deer hunting season is almost here, and the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency is ramping up the excitement by hosting a statewide Free Hunting Day on Saturday during the opening day of the deer season. summer squirrel hunt.

To celebrate opening day, hunters across the state will help others enjoy the experience for free.

“Free Hunt Day is an event offered annually by the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency in hopes of increasing interest in hunting. Squirrel hunting is one of Tennessee’s oldest and most favorite traditions. The day serves as an excellent opportunity to experience the enjoyment of sport,” the TWRA said.

On Saturday, August 22, all Tennessee residents will be able to hunt without a license or permits from the WMA. However, hunter education requirements are not waived, so individuals born on or after January 1, 1969 must still have successfully completed a hunter education course.

Hunters can catch up to 10 squirrels per day from the opening day of the squirrel season through February 28, 2021. Each hunting day begins one-half hour before sunrise and ends one-half hour after sunset.

Along with squirrels, year-round species such as armadillos, beavers, coyotes, groundhogs, and striped skunks are open for hunting.

Hunters are asked to check information for particular wildlife management areas in the 2020-21 Tennessee Hunting and Trapping Guide and should always request permission to hunt on private land.

The August antler deer hunting season occurs August 28-30 and is limited to private land and archery only outside of the CWD Unit in West Tennessee.