Technaxx TX-165 Birdcam Hits North American Store Shelves

Technaxx, a German consumer electronics manufacturer known for offering affordable products such as car accessories, audio products, video surveillance equipment, smart fitness trackers, smartphone and tablet accessories, today announced the TX-165, a camera for birds Full HD. The device’s short lens focus and wide angle of view allow users to take high-grade observation videos and images of birds and small animals. The bird cam has a fast activation time and can record slow motion video. The TX-165 is designed for use outdoors, but can also be mounted inside a house or shed. The sighting device is capable of recording both day and night.

The TX-165 was designed with the wildlife enthusiast in mind. Nature lovers can use the device to feed birds and other small animals as it comes with a stylish bird food container and water reservoir. The bird food container can store more than 5 oz of bird food. The food and drink containers can be easily removed from the chamber and are made of easy-to-clean plastic. The birdcamera also comes with a built-in microphone and speaker, and is IP56 certified, so it can easily handle dust and splashes of water.

Technaxx’s new device provides an easy way to attract new birds to your backyard and capture memories of those little critters. Users can then download the content from the SD card to a computer and share the captured content with friends and family on social media. Although the bird cam does not have built-in internal memory, the device can accept SD cards of any size up to 512 MB. The new bird cam does not require internet to work. It could be used in remote locations, making it the perfect choice for capturing images in mountain cabins and desert gateways. The device is easy to set up and does not require a mobile app to function.

Technaxx’s new dark green offering can record Full HD 1080p video and can be set to take photos or create video only when motion is detected. The sophisticated PIR sensor that supports this function is built into the TX-165 camera and has a range of approximately 8”. Night recordings go even further thanks to the higher night IR range: approximately 20”. The natural camera has an activation time of only 0.3 seconds. The camera runs on four AA batteries.

“After the success of multiple trail cameras in our product portfolio, we realized that there is a great need for a camera capable of recording smaller birds from a short distance,” said Pascal Pekcan, CEO of Technaxx. “We developed the TX-165 with bird lovers in mind! The competitively priced TX-165 is here to replace the boring bird feeder in your backyard with a new high-tech device that allows you to enjoy wildlife when you see it in real time and also capture those precious critter visits. ”.

Package includes TX-165 Birdcam, mounting belt, connectivity cable, user manual, wall mount, and four AA batteries. Product arrived in time for the holidays, just hit US shelves, and is listed on Amazon and Walmart. MSRP is $129.00.

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About Technaxx

Technaxx Deutschland GmbH & Co.KG, also known as Technaxx, is a German manufacturer of affordable consumer electronics. The company focuses on daily consumer goods such as car accessories, audio products, video surveillance equipment, smart fitness trackers, smartphone and tablet accessories. Techhnaxx prides itself on producing easy-to-use, affordable products with attractive design and high technological quality. The company’s latest line of offerings encompasses more than fifteen years of experience collaborating with carefully selected production facilities. Designed in Germany, the company’s products are sold in dozens of countries around the world. The company was established in 2003 and is based in Frankfurt, Germany.