Team PROOF Research® shooters Rusty Ulmer and Austin Orgain, part of Team USA at the first International Federation of Precision Rifle World Championships

During the 2022 World Precision Championships held in France, August 6-12, 2022, Rusty Ulmer won the Senior Individual Open with a clean score of 100 percent.

PROOF Research® sponsored shooters Austin Orgain and Rusty Ulmer were part of Team USA at the first International Precision Rifle Federation World Championships held August 6-12, 2022 in Bitche, France. Four days of competition of the best long-range shooters from 26 countries on four continents were held at the CSA Bitche extreme long-range shooting facility in northern France. The International Precision Rifle Competition was held in association with the host, the French Precision Rifle Association (FRPRA) and Ultimate Ballistics.

The competition included twenty stages with 93 goals in six divisions. More than 249 of the world’s best long-distance shooters and 300 participants gathered for four days of tough competition. Among Team USA, PROOF Research sponsored shooter and two-time PRS Pro Series Golden Bullet award winner Austin Orgain fired his custom rifle featuring the PROOF Research competition contoured steel barrel chambered in 6 Dasher . Rusty Ulmer, another PROOF Research sponsored shooter, took home the award in the 55+ Senior Individual Division. Rusty’s win caps his shooting career with six national wins, 15 national top three finishes, 25 national top five finishes, 13 regional wins and now an IPRS Senior Division win.

“For such an important game, I will trust nothing but the best,” Rusty said. “That’s why there was a PROOF barrel on my rifle.”

PROOF Research is proud to have some of the best long range shooting competitors in the country using PROOF Research barrels. They know that PROOF Research offers a world-class barrel for extreme accuracy and performance.

PROOF Research’s cutaway rifled barrels are designed for extreme accuracy, performance and reliability in any environmental condition. PROOF Research congratulates all of its team members and looks forward to continuing a stellar year of competition in 2022.

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