Team Gold Tip®, Bee Stinger™ extend their winning streak at ASA Camp Minden Pro/Am 2023

gold tip®industry leader in carbon arrows and bolts, along with Bee Stingermaker of the most advanced line of bowhunting and archery stabilizers and sidebars, congratulates its pro shooters on their impressive results at the 2023 ASA Camp Minden Pro/Am. sponsored archers swept the men’s Senior Known Pro division and took first and second place in the Unknown Pro division.

In the Men’s Senior Pro Known division, Team Gold Tip swept the podium with three strong individual performances. After his second day return, Shooting Team Manager Tim Gillingham shot three 12s and a 14 to cement his first win of the year. Meanwhile, veteran Gold Tip and Bee Stinger shooter Vinson Grimm took second place. Randy Morocco, who won the first two ASA events of the year, rounded out third place.

The Men’s Known Pro division featured some of the fiercest competition in the sport, as always, with Gold Tip staffer Curtis Broadnax taking home his first win as a pro. Broadnax was able to hit almost all of the bonus rings in the tiebreaker to earn the first place win. Meanwhile, his teammate Brent Platt finished in second place.

In the Unknown Pro, Gold Tip shooter Levi Morgan took him all the way on the final arrow and finished in second place. Gold Tip rookie and Bee Stinger pro Brayden Jones finished in third place.

The 2023 ASA Camp Minden Pro/Am took place April 27-30 in Minden, Louisiana. These events can be viewed on YouTube at Competition Archery Media, where fans can see first-hand the level of precision offered by Team Gold Tip and Bee Stinger archers.

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