Team Federal shines in the Steel Classic Texas Precision Match

Team Federal had an excellent performance in the Leupold Steel Classic Texas Precision Match that took place January 27-29 in Navasota, Texas. Federally sponsored shooters Cory Klemashevich took first place in the Gas Pistol Division and Greg Bell took first place in the Tactical Division. The match was the first Precision Rifle series match of the 2023 season. There were 224 total competitors in the match.

“We build a party that we ourselves would want to shoot, we show people true southern hospitality and we give them the best food we can. The rest takes care of itself,” said Klemashevich, who also helps organize and run the party. “This year, we had shooters from three other countries, including Norway, Mexico and Canada. Also, many shooters from the US, from as far away as Washington, Florida, Michigan, California and Maine. Seeing old friends and meeting new ones really makes for a fun event.”

Klemashevich fires 6mm Federal Premium Gold Medal Match 109-grain Creedmoor Berger Hybrid rifle ammunition.

“The conditions in this match were rainy, muddy and windy,” Klemashevich said. “Having accurate ammunition that works reliably is always a huge advantage in any competition. Rifles will have water and dirt in the chamber, especially in split gas pistols where pressure and dwell times can affect point of impact and bolt speed can affect reliability. There is no question that the Gold Medal Match line of products is the most consistent precision ammunition available. I certainly trusted him during this match and I’m happy with the results.”

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