Tasmanian Tiger® introduces the TT QR LC plate carrier for lightweight plate carrier needs

This lightweight plate carrier is designed to offer a sleek and modern look, with a MOLLE system in laser cut technology.

Tasmanian Tiger®, a line of tactical nylon products distributed exclusively for the US market by Proforce Equipment, Inc., has announced its latest product, the TT Plate Carrier QR LC. This lightweight plate carrier is designed to offer a sleek and modern look, with a MOLLE system in laser cut technology.

“We are delighted to launch the TT Plate Carrier QR LC for the US market,” commented Richard Lewis, President and CEO of Proforce Equipment, Inc. “This plate carrier is the perfect choice for those who require a lightweight, customizable solution for their tactical needs. With its sleek design and innovative features, we believe the TT Plate Carrier QR LC will quickly become a popular choice among the military and law enforcement communities.

The TT Plate Carrier QR LC is designed to fit 12″ x 10″ SAPI plates. (30 x 25 cm). It features a ROC buckle quick release system, which allows the user to quickly and easily remove the plate carrier in an emergency. Shoulder straps are adjustable, from a minimum of 11 in. (28 cm) up to a maximum of 20 in. (52 cm), providing a comfortable, custom fit for all wearers.

One of the most notable features of the TT Plate Carrier QR LC is its laser-cut MOLLE system, which gives the plate carrier a clean, streamlined look. The front and side areas of the plate carrier also feature a MOLLE system, allowing for individual customization and extension.

Additionally, the TT Plate Carrier QR LC is compatible with many other TT products, allowing for seamless integration. The plate carrier also includes an integrated radio equipment pocket and interchangeable side sections to use side ballistic plate pouches.

The TT Plate Carrier QR LC weighs 2.87 lbs. and is made of Cordura® 700 Denier (Multicam 500 Denier). It’s available in Black, Olive, and Coyote for $379.00 MSRP and Multicam for $399.00 MSRP.

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About Tasmanian Tiger®:

Tasmanian Tiger®, a division of Tatonka GmbH, is an international brand founded in 1999 to provide wearer-designed nylon products for elite combatants and law enforcement in Europe and Asia. From prototype to production, all products are manufactured at the company’s own facilities, ensuring a consistently high level of quality throughout all production processes. All products undergo quality checks before leaving the facility and are regularly checked by independent international test centers.