STRYK Group USA and Angled Spade Technologies have been contracted by Auto Mag, LTD. CO., by experience in the industry

STRYK Group USA and Angled Spade Technologies have been contracted by Auto Mag LTD. CO. to take the business to the “next level”. AutoMag LTD. CO. (Auto Mag) has joined the ranks of serious firearms contenders and exists to reinvigorate the American classic known as the .44 Auto Mag® Pistol into a productive business environment.

The original design of Auto Mag’s .44 pistol dates back to 1968, and gun aficionados have been patiently waiting ever since to experience the thrill of owning and shooting this symbol of firearms, literary, and film history. . In 2015, Auto Mag answered the call by obtaining exclusive rights to this iconic namesake firearm and brand. Since then Auto Mag has worked tirelessly, spending many years building on its original design with many improvements along the way. Now without a doubt, the company has succeeded in beefing up the iconic look, feel and value epitomized by Dirty Harry himself and generated an exhilarating buzz in the shooting community that validates their efforts. As part of the company’s passion and dedication to long-term growth, Auto Mag turned to the best professionals in the industry within Angled Spade Technologies, LLC and STRYK Group USA.

Angled Spade Technologies will lead the daily charge to bring this iconic pistol to the shooting community in a way that serves the importance of this project. Angled Spade will handle general management, engineering, production and compliance led by Mike Bush and his partners Matt Dulude and Joe Salvador. These three are well known within the industry for an incredibly long list of accomplishments related to the creation and marketing of state-of-the-art firearms.

STRYK Group USA, an impact consulting firm for the world’s leading hunting, camping, fishing and firearms brands, will manage Auto Mag’s sales, marketing and customer service efforts. STRYK Group USA is led by the leaders of industry Jeff Edwards and his partner, Chase Myers.

“For Auto Mag, this is an exciting time to revitalize and expand product offerings and bring them to market. As we work to ramp up production of the Auto Mag 180-D pistol, we recognized that to truly do this project justice, we would need to engage the world-class industry leaders at Angled Spade and STRYK Group to meet the requirements of effective way. current market demands,” said Patrick Henry III of Auto Mag. “Like others in the industry, we are well aware of the outstanding capabilities and results that the teams at these two companies bring to the table.

“We have entrusted Angled Spade to lead the charge, having scaled major marks in the shooting and outdoor industry and recently conducted an in-depth evaluation of our Loris, South Carolina facility. We agreed with his summary that it will be necessary to move our entire operation into the heart of firearms manufacturing to properly serve our customers in the future.” The move is scheduled for the future and details will be released shortly.

Under the terms of the agreements, Angled Spade Technologies will provide Auto Mag LTD. CO. with overall business management, engineering, new product development, supply chain management, demand sourcing for forecasting, website management, and systems integration and activity monitoring of sales. STRYK Group will manage the sales program and implementation, market and brand positioning, and day-to-day customer service. The project will also leverage STRYK Group’s proprietary databases and sophisticated digital platforms for highly targeted promotion to qualified retailers, augmented by the development of strategic physical sales channels, as well as taking orders around the world.

About Angled Spade Technologies, LLC
After providing the juice for many product-oriented companies, Mike, Matt and Joe decided there was no better time than the present to take charge in ways only they can, so they founded Angled Spade Technologies, LLC in August 2022. As many have done, he heard Mike ask, “Are you ready to buckle up?” Not many immediately understand why he asks that question before starting a project. It doesn’t take long for them to realize that they are strapped to a rocket sled and enjoy what it means to execute with precision at a pace that no one in the areas of product development and market entry has experienced in the weapons industry. fire. Angled Spade is headquartered in the Connecticut River Valley area, which has been the heart of firearms production for many years. For information on Angled Spade, the website,, will be online in the coming weeks.

About STRYK Group USA
Founded in March 2018 and headquartered in Bozeman, Mont., STRYK Group USA is an impact consulting company that partners with hunting, fishing, camping and firearms businesses and provides them with solutions for sales, marketing, design of websites and capital. With four partners, STRYK Group ultimately becomes an incubator to grow its partner companies. For information about STRYK Group and how they can help you grow your business, visit, call 866-303-2891, or email