Stray’s formula could work well for other animals that live in the city

Lost has brought a truly new experience for players to enjoy, giving them control of a cat surviving in a post-apocalyptic world where humans no longer exist and robot societies remain hidden away from a major threat. From the simple gameplay to the stunning visual landscape, Lost it has exceeded expectations and has many fans hoping that a sequel to the game will be announced soon. While many call for the return of the orange cat, there are other avenues that future titles of Lost could take, including giving players the chance to experience life as a different city-dwelling animal in the same futuristic setting.


While cats are known to be agile and fast, they are not the only city-dwelling animal that has a good chance of surviving on the streets. Cities are often full of wildlife, be it stray animals or wild animals that thrive in a community of humans, so the study may make a case for the inclusion of different animals in future titles. From squirrels to raccoons, the animals that live alongside humans are often resourceful, fast, and in some cases powerful enough to survive in the world of Lost and stay away from the threat of Zurks and Sentinels.

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Squirrels: An Animal Parkour Game

Cats are extremely agile creatures, which gave them Lost a boost in terms of vertical travel, as the cat could easily reach rooftops and descend into streets if necessary. However, they are by no means the most agile of urban animals, as squirrels are capable of so much more in terms of traversing. Quick on their feet, capable of scaling vertical surfaces, and the ability to survive high drops, Squirrels would fit the bill perfectly and could be a great ally for many of the robots and a slippery target for the Zurks and Sentinels.

Yes Lost If a squirrel were to be included in the next game, it would need to include better traversal methods and could also choose a squirrel capable of slithering to allow for better movement. Sliding alone would make squirrels extremely well equipped to survive in the world, but they are also considered smart enough to solve puzzles. With puzzles at the forefront of strays gameplay, the squirrels would be the best option for a future Lost title, and its small size could allow it to reach places that even the cat couldn’t.

Raccoons: The Resourceful Survivor

With Lost set in a world without humans, it would be hard to imagine that many city-dwelling animals are still alive, many of these animals relied on humans to provide them with food and shelter. While cats are more than capable of hunting, the future Lost the titles could also include raccoons as they are resourceful enough to find a way to survive in the post-apocalyptic environment. Raccoons are also much more powerful than cats and this could add a lot more combat options, especially when fighting Zurks, something that would give players a new style of play.

While raccoons don’t possess the traversal abilities of cats and squirrels, they make up for it with intelligence, strength, and stealth. Yes Lost If a raccoon were to be included in a future title, there would need to be fewer options for vertical traversal and more emphasis on combat and stealth to allow the raccoon to survive on the streets. Also, raccoons can pick up objects thanks to the shape of their hands, and this could be essential in the world of Stray, since the animal would be able to fix certain things or unlock new traversal methods.

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Dogs: a robot’s best friend

Dogs are extremely loyal animals, and while many people may think they couldn’t survive in the wild, many dogs have proven their adaptability by surviving on city streets. The dogs may be included in future titles thanks to their strength and speed, allowing them to take on the Zurks and Sentinels instead of finding a way around them. In fact, using dogs as the next protagonist of a Lost The game could see robots fighting things that threatened them.

Thanks to their loyalty and affection, the dogs can come to trust the robots enough to start living alongside them, giving the robots a sense of protection while the dog gains some company. Like cats, they also travel in groups when living on the streets, so a similar story could work. Also, while dogs would prefer to stay with robots, a pack of dogs would be extremely helpful for robots that live behind walls. Certain dogs are also big enough to carry a larger drone that can help unlock new areas or achieve new interactions that weren’t possible with the cat’s tiny drone.

As more and more players collect Lost, they are realizing that the simplicity of the game is one of its main selling points, and while having a cute cat is a big plus, the real strength of the game comes from its level design and freedom in gameplay. The game also gives players insight into how a cat would survive in the post-apocalyptic world, which could be expanded to show how other city-dwelling animals would thrive in this environment. Whether the next game features the return of the orange cat or includes an entirely different animal, fans are hoping that stray 2 will be announced soon and will enlarge the brilliant world of Lost.

Lost It is currently available for PC, PS4 and PS5.

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