stop gray squirrel open kill

Posted: 03/22/2022 10:28:03 am

Modified: 03/22/2022 10:27:11

The House of Representatives approved an amendment introduced by Rep. Tim Lang of Sanbornton. This amendment mandates a year-round gray squirrel killing season. Rep. Lang brought him in to help his friend, Rep. Pearl of Loudon, who asked during his testimony for a year-round squirrel season because he can’t find a way to peacefully coexist with wildlife. The original bill that Rep. Lang amended actually wanted to shorten the gray squirrel season so that mothers could raise their young. Now we have the opposite. You could legally shoot a squirrel nest out of the trees if Rep. Lang has his way.

If you are a compassionate person, be grateful. I am so happy that a squirrel walks up to me and I throw a peanut at the lucky creature. The little animal is not afraid that he wants to blow them up, they are safe. Even as cruel people around the world seek to harm and kill wildlife with impunity, I hope there are still many of us who care. Representatives Lang and Pearl cannot spend their time coexisting with wildlife, nor are they apparently able to figure out how to do so. Instead, they just want the squirrel killing fields. Republicans in general have been notoriously anti-wildlife when in control. A year-round gray squirrel season opens up the hunt during peak summer months, even near your own backyard. Let’s hope the NH Senate has more common sense and compassion.

Kristina Snyder