Steve’s Garage: First Lite’s New Omen Stormshelter Rain Gear

For unforgiving cold and wet weather, nothing can beat the Omen Stormshelter Jacket and Pants. It’s sturdy but not bulky, and the folks at First Lite specifically designed it to get you out farther and keep you out longer.

The jacket’s tricep and underarm vents let you discharge body heat without sacrificing dryness. The pant offers a zipper along the entire leg to facilitate ventilation during a hot walk. It also makes it easy to put on and take off over other gear. Additionally, the pants have built-in alligators to prevent water from splashing onto the boots.

Magnetic closures above the deep pockets allow quick and easy access and are designed not to interfere with backpack straps. The hood is designed for optimal peripheral vision and can be worn as a visor or flipped up to keep water away from the face.

From a 10-day Dall sheep hunt in Alaska to trapping all winter long, this system is sure to keep you warm and dry.