Steven Rinella’s Turkey Hunting Kit

Turkey hunting in a place as notoriously tough as South Carolina requires a few specific pieces of equipment to aid in a successful hunt. Dating wild turkey aficionado Robert Abernethy certainly increases your chances as well.

First Lite Phantom Leafy Suit
In a state where gobblers have long been hunted, visual matching is a crucial aspect of hunting. The top of the First Lite Phantom Leafy Suit can help you hide from the most cautious wolverines. This lightweight mesh top uses 3D camo to break up your silhouette. It’s also intentionally oversized to fit any layering system.

Phelps Diaphragm Three Call Pack
When spring thunder lights up the forest, you must be ready to respond. Once you get a turkey close enough with a pot call or box call, you need to free up your hands to aim. This is where reliable diaphragm calls come into play.

Phelps offers a pack of 3 diaphragm calls ranging from medium to high volume. With these calls, you can talk turkey with your shotgun at the ready. It purrs, clucks and screams to land a real string-puller.

Snow’s Snow Vault Boots
Despite some people’s ideas that hunting turkeys is just leaning against trees and watching ticks crawl up your legs, it’s actually an active hunt that requires a lot of walking. Schnee’s Timberline boots are an amazing versatile warm weather boot. They’re extremely lightweight yet tall and stiff enough to offer support on rough terrain.

For a full description of what Steve wore in this episode, check out the full gear list here. And if you haven’t seen it yet, head over to Netflix now.