Stay ready all season long with the Scent Thief Combo Pack

A long season in the woods is hard on hunters and equipment. Scent Thief® developed the Combo Pack as a durable odor control solution. The cost-effective combination includes a 12 oz. field spray bottle and a 32 oz. refill.

The Scent Thief Field Sprayer is the most versatile and effective product in the Scent Thief line. Allows hunters to spray equipment, clothing, blinds, and areas where deer are frequent. The 12 oz bottles are easy to pack in the carrier and contain enough formula for multiple hunts. When depleted, the 32oz refill jug can refill spray bottles multiple times. In addition to its effectiveness, the Combo Pack is an economical solution that eliminates the need to purchase multiple spray bottles.

The system features patented “No Smell” technology, a proven solution for hunters looking to outsmart the deer. Traditional scent control uses enzymes and chemicals to mask human scent, while Scent Thief temporarily disables a deer’s sense of smell. The specialized formula gives hunters the advantage in a variety of conditions, including strong and swirling winds.

Hunters can sit back with confidence, even in the worst conditions, knowing that Scent Thief is on

work. Spray liberally on clothing, boots, gear, and trails for best results. Reapply every 60 to 90 minutes to ensure full coverage.

Combo Pack Features

  • Easy to use spray bottle.
  • Refill jug for multiple hunts.
  • Patented “No Scent” formula temporarily disables wildlife’s ability to smell
  • Easy to carry in the field.
  • Ingredients safe for skin, clothing and the environment
  • Hunt with confidence whatever the conditions

Combo Pack Specifications

  • A 12 oz field spray bottle.
  • One replacement 32 oz pitcher

About Scent Thief

Scent Thief is a double patented formula that eliminates an animal’s ability to smell without using enzymes, masking scents, chemicals or ozone. With over 20 years of research and field testing, Scent Thief effectively keeps hunters in the game. Scent Thief addresses the problem of human odor differently than its competitors by targeting the area of ​​the nose responsible for smell. By concentrating on this area of ​​the nose and relaxing it, Scent Thief blocks the signal that triggers danger in any animal with a sense of smell. Made in EE.UU.

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