‘Stanley & The Candy Cane Wormhole’ is the Christmas book/activity/snack your family has been waiting for

Depending on your geographic location, cultural identity, and family composition, the holiday season can mean many things. For some, it is prayer and adoration, for others reverent contemplation, and for still others, it is jubilant revelry. But no matter what you celebrate or how you mark the occasion, it likely comes down to two important elements: togetherness and tradition.

If you’re looking for a new family Christmas tradition for you and your loved ones, today’s sponsor has just what you need. Conceived by businessman and engineer Chris Harden, you may remember him from shark tankStanley and the Candy Cane Wormhole It’s a charming story, a kids’ activity, and a Christmas scavenger hunt all rolled into one.

First and foremost, Stanley and the Candy Cane Wormhole is a beautiful 32-page storybook. His lush watercolor illustrations and fantastic puns introduce us to the titular Stanley, the North Pole’s smallest snow squirrel. Desperate to do more than groom the reindeer, Stanley stumbles upon an experimental candy cane wormhole that (powered by a combination of squirrel fluff and reindeer dander) sucks up Santa’s bag of presents and spreads his content everywhere.

Stanley and the candy cane wormhole image 1
The problem with wormholes is that they are voracious *and* unpredictable. image: Chris Harden and Kate Kutsenko

In an attempt to atone for his mistake, Stanley also jumps into the wormhole and, using values ​​such as patience, problem solving, bravery, and gratitude, retrieves the gifts from their disparate hiding places. Unfortunately, when he returns, Santa has already started his annual world run. Stanley takes it upon himself to deliver these delinquent gifts, and in the process revolutionizes toy transportation by using elvish wormhole technology (and a little chipmunk tenacity)!

Once you and your kids have digested this story, it’s time to move on to the arts and crafts portion of the show and build your very own candy cane wormhole.

Using just a small paper plate or saucer and a few seasonal ingredients: a marshmallow, four mini candy canes, a chocolate kiss, a sprinkle of reindeer dust (cookie sprinkles), and a skein of squirrel fur (cotton of sugar), your family can create their own lovely edible wormhole to help Stanley get your gifts in time for the big day.

Stanley and the candy cane wormhole image 2
Stanley faces his fears to do the right thing. image: Chris Harden and Kate Kutsenko

But even that is not all. Stanley and the Candy Cane Wormhole The kits also come with activity cards that can be used to start a fun, interactive scavenger hunt at home. Each card contains a simple challenge and instructions for the next clue, as well as reminders about the positive character traits Stanley used to overcome adversity.

All of this makes for a delightful new Christmas tradition for your family, and thanks to the power of Kickstarter, you can help bring all this holiday magic… I mean Sciences to the life.

For as little as $10 for a print-and-play version, $20 for a stand-alone storybook, or $35 for the complete physical kit (with an early bird discount, of course), your commitment will allow the story of perseverance and Stanley’s self-discovery will inspire children for generations to come. Head over to the project’s official Kickstarter page to learn more, explore additional pledge levels, and help make this Christmas a little brighter for snow squirrels everywhere.