Squirrel narrowly escapes Hawk’s death grip after a lightning-quick attack.

Nature is metal, man.

It seems crazy to think that while we live our lives day by day, hoping for peace and harmony throughout the world and buying food at the local supermarket while we go and sit in our houses, that these animals are here fighting for their lives every day. days. .

No matter what species it is, they live constantly in search of food and on the verge of waiting for another predator.

People joke about how much fun it would be to be an animal, but holy hell, I think we’re lucky right where we are.

Squirrels are an interesting little animal. They are around in massive numbers, as a very small area can support dozens of small creatures. Although, their large bulk and lack of defense makes them the perfect food for many animals.

That doesn’t mean they aren’t tough though, they love to do a bit of hunting themselves, often stealing eggs and young from birds’ nests.

Hawks, on the other hand, are a badass species on the whole.

Every time you see a falcon, it has the eyes of a born killer. They are ferocious predators that can detect prey from great distances and strike from above with power and speed, sinking their claws into their prey’s kill zones.

This video shows a poor little squirrel having a meal at his local feeder generously arranged by some owners. These kinds of things are a haven for predators. It’s a lot like baiting a bear or a deer, they can just sit back and wait for the food to come before they go out to eat while they’re ready to launch the attack.

Out of nowhere, a hawk hits the squirrel with some power and grabs it hard. The poor squirrel seems to be finished, but instinct takes over and he won’t go down without a fight. As the hawk moves, the squirrel bucks and is able to escape the clutches long enough to make a dash for higher ground away from the bird.

The squirrel clearly survived very well as he was back on the feed in a few days with some war wounds on his side, apparently doing well.

These animals are tough, each and every one of them.