Squirrel hunting season, rabbit hunting season still open in Ohio

The rabbit hunt continues in Ohio through February 28.

Hunting season is coming to an end, sporting show season is over (either gone virtual or canceled), and as of this writing, there isn’t enough ice to go fishing safely, so What’s a nature lover to do?

It’s been a strange winter, and one that only serves to reinforce the idea that one has to strike when the iron is hot, that is, seize your outdoor opportunities when they arise, and not wait for a better day, because that day may Never comes.

It could be as simple as sledding on an inch of snow and not waiting for the big northeast wind to cover the hill, or something more challenging like fishing on Lake Erie the last time January temperatures hit 40 degrees. The point is that there are still opportunities out there, you just have to take advantage of them.

From fishing to hiking to bird watching to hunting, the last days of January and all of February have a lot to offer.

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While there is still some goose hunting and deer bow hunting available during the first week of February, one of the more enjoyable winter hunting opportunities is open until the end of the month, and that is rabbit hunting. While the sound of a good beagle dog adds volume to the rabbit hunting experience, simply getting out and kicking through piles of brush and walking between rows is good winter rest therapy.