Squirrel hunting season opens this week in Georgia

Do you, or someone you know, hunt squirrels? Do you have any recipes that call for squirrel?

Squirrel season begins Wednesday in Georgia and the Department of Natural Resources is reminding people of the season guidelines.

A press release says the season runs from August 15 to February 28, 2019, and hunters can go after gray squirrels and foxes.

Also, the maximum number of squirrels you can catch is 12 per day, per hunter.

The release says that squirrel hunting is a good way to introduce someone to the sport.

“It also provides a great opportunity to take a young person or someone new to hunting with you on a fun, affordable and active outdoor adventure,” said Game Management Section Chief John Bowers.

Both species of squirrel can be found throughout the state, although the gray squirrel is the most common.

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