The SPYPOINT LM2 is the evolution of the revolution. No company has done more to change the face of trail camera technology in the last two decades than SPYPOINT, and the LM2 is the next model that challenges functionality and affordability for any hunter who wants to use this technology to have available. .

“Great performance in a compact and affordable package. That’s what the LM2 stands for,” Alex McElhaw said ahead of the product launch at the ATA show in Indianapolis. “There is a lot of power in this little camera, and we expect it to be a critical piece of scouting and planning for many hunters this fall,” he added.

The LM2 offers hunters 20 MP photos so no detail is lost while exploring. While the new LM2 antenna maximizes the available signal in a given area, it ensures those photos can be viewed in the app to help hunters plan their hunt better than ever. Half-second trigger speed and 90-foot detection and flash range make it harder for even the most cautious bucks to get past the LM2 without getting their picture taken.

“The LM2 is exciting for us because of the legacy it represents. SPYPOINT has always been committed to providing hunters with affordable, easy-to-use, and reliable cameras. Combine that with our plan offerings, including a free option, it doesn’t matter if you’re the most dedicated hunter in the county or just getting started, SPYPOINT has a solution that works for you. The LM2 fits right in with everything else we offer. It really is the evolution of the revolution.” McElhaw concluded.

The SPYPOINT LM2 will be available in the summer of 2023.

For more information, visit www.spypoint.com/LM2.


Shooting speed: 0.5S

Flash range: 90′

Detection Range: 90′

Photo resolution: 20MP

Modes: Photo, Multi-Shot

Network: LTE

ABOUT SPYPOINT: SPYPOINT, the world’s #1 cellular tracker camera brand, revolutionized the hunting industry by making mobile scouting accessible to everyone. Our reliable, easy-to-use cameras and innovative camera and photo management app with customizable maps, weather,

and BUCK TRACKER AI filters are designed with one goal in mind: to make you a more prepared and efficient hunter. With SPYPOINT you have the whole hunt in the palm of your hand. For more information on SPYPOINT products and technology, visit www.spypoint.com.