SPYPOINT’s FLEX-S harnesses the power of the sun with an integrated solar panel that charges an internal lithium battery. All-season autonomy is within your grasp, which means fewer trips and less hassle, paving the way for the best hunting season of your life.

“We have been pioneers in many ways, but perhaps no innovation has meant more to consumers than our integrated solar technology,” said Alexandre McElhaw, SPYPOINT General Manager. “We’ve saved our customers thousands of dollars with our class-leading affordable cameras and photo streaming plans, but saving on batteries with our solar technology is such an obvious and measurable benefit that we wanted to extend it to FLEX Series users. cameras too.”

The FLEX-S has an internal lithium battery, but also allows for eight AA backups or the addition of the LIT-22 battery pack. When the internal battery percentage drops below a certain point, the FLEX-S will switch to backup batteries until the solar panel has recharged the internal battery to a suitable level. At that time, the camera will switch back to the internal battery. This toggle feature optimizes battery life and performance for both battery options.

FLEX users rave about the quality of the 33MP photos and 1080p videos with sound, and how great they both look in the app. The FLEX-S will continue to deliver the same brilliant photo and video quality, as well as the easy-to-use features that SPYPOINT users rely on, such as test and format buttons, GPS functionality, and the ability to remotely update firmware. .

The SPYPOINT FLEX-S will use the same true dual SIM setup to connect to the best network regardless of service provider, but with some connectivity enhancements. It comes with two pre-activated SIM cards already installed, so when the camera is in use it will automatically connect to the network with the strongest and most reliable signal available. Hunters can deploy the FLEX-S without worrying about carrier model selection. Getting into the field and receiving photos and videos has never been easier.

“The FLEX-S builds on an already very successful camera that has wowed customers with incredible photos and videos. But this is not just adding a solar option to an existing camera,” added McElhaw. “This is, in many ways, a new FLEX, an even better FLEX that hundreds of thousands of customers are already delighted with. We got here pushing the boundaries and bringing new and exciting ideas and products to market, and we’re not going to stop now,” he concluded.

The SPYPOINT FLEX-S will be available in the summer of 2023.

For more information, visit www.spypoint.com/flex.


Trigger Speed: Sensitive: up to 0.3 seconds

Flash Range: 100′

Detection Range: 100′

Photo resolution: 33MP

Video: 1080p with sound

Modes: Photo, Video, Time-Lapse, Time-Lapse+

Network: Automatic multi-carrier LTE connectivity

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