SPYPOINT’s FLEX G-36 builds on the FLEX platform introduced in 2022 and will join the FLEX-S to offer a complete family of feature-rich, high-performance cellular trail cameras to suit virtually any type of hunter.

The most notable enhancements to the FLEX G-36 are the increase in photo resolution from 33 MP to 36 MP, improved battery life, and improved connectivity. The FLEX G-36 is also capable of taking and transmitting 1080p video with sound.

“Keep pushing the envelope. To continue to offer more performance and more value for the customer, that is the goal”, said Jean-Francois Boyer, Vice President of Marketing for SPYPOINT.

In addition to the improved photo resolution, connectivity has also been improved. The FLEX G-36 still uses a dual SIM setup to connect, so customers can purchase the camera without needing to select a carrier model. The FLEX G-36 has its renowned connectivity further refined and optimized so that hunters can enjoy the best possible experience.

“We always focus on keeping the cameras as easy to use as possible. All the technology in the world means nothing if it is so complicated and cumbersome that the consumer cannot use it. More than anything, that has been the hallmark of the FLEX series of trail cameras. Simple technology that is easy to use, quick to implement and offers real tangible benefits,” concluded Boyer.

The other features hunters loved about the original FLEX are still in use, like 100-foot flash and detect ranges and the ability to perform wireless firmware updates. Additionally, the camera controls are unchanged, so the intuitive camera display and test and format buttons remain unchanged.

The FLEX G-36 will be available at retail for $119.99 starting May 15.

For more information, visit www.spypoint.com/flex.


Trigger Speed ​​Sensitive: up to 0.3 seconds
Flash range 100′
Detection range 100′
Photo resolution 36MP
1080p video with sound
Photo, Video, Time Lapse, Time Lapse+ modes
Automatic LTE multi-carrier network connectivity


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