Spy x Family creator says burnout has affected his workload

Tatsuya Endo, the creator of Spy x Familyapologized to fans, via an exhausted Bond, for the short chapter of Spy x Family which has just been released.

Released on Japanese and English platforms this week, Chapter 68.1 of the manga series Spy x Family It was shorter than usual. Endo took to Twitter to post an illustration of Bond, the Forger family dog, collapsed on the floor with papers and a fountain pen strewn around him. In his message, he says: “This week SPYxFAMILY it’s an illustration + extra editing because I’m exhausted from working on the book and stuff. I’d appreciate it if you’d forgive me…”

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Although the chapter was relatively short, Endo still included a double-page color illustration of the forgers playing in the park, celebrating fall. As Yor and Loid watch with affectionate expressions, Anya chases after a squirrel that seems to scare Bond a bit. In response to Endo’s Tweet, fans thanked her for the new illustration and for all the hard work she puts into each chapter of the manga.

Being overworked and exhausted is a common thing in the manga and anime industry. Due to the high demand of keeping a consistent schedule, creators spend all of their time between chapters working on the next chapter, with the average mangaka having only three hours of free time a week. Although some creators are now transitioning to a bi-weekly schedule, with Tatsuki Fujimoto’s chainsaw man being the most recent, it is still an arduous timeline to meet.

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The cost of writing manga is well documented

Numerous mangaka have spoken about the physical and mental toll this rigorous schedule has brought. Yoshihiro Togashi, the creator behind hunter x hunter, he has taken multiple hiatus throughout the series’ run due to his chronic back problems. Togashi recently announced that the series had returned after its longest hiatus yet, four years. the creator of horror in tokyo, Sui Ishida, had similar feelings with Ishida finding parallels between his welfare state and the protagonist of his play Kaneki. Her latest work, the superhuman manga chojin x, it is currently being released according to its schedule.

the end series Spy x Family caught the world by storm after its release in March 2019. It was an unexpectedly moving story about a spy named Twilight who has a rather unusual mission: in order to maintain peaceful relations between East and West, she must find a wife and child to form a fake family. Twilight, going by the name Loid Forger, adopts Anya and marries Yor, a city worker. What none of them, except for Anya, realize is that they are all hiding a secret: Loid is not only an accomplished spy, Yor is an elite assassin, and Anya can read minds.

Published biweekly, Spy x Family is available to read through Viz Media or Manga Plus. The tenth volume will ship in Japan on October 4. The anime adaptation is currently streaming on Crunchyroll.

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