SPRO’s Eel Tail Trailers provide the extra edge needed to make the fish bite

SPRO® knows that bucktails, hair jigs and spinnerbaits sometimes need a little help, which is why they developed Eel Tail. Available in single or double tail, these soft plastic baits provide the extra action and scent needed to force neutral fish to bite in any saltwater application. Tipping a Spro Bucktail with an eel tail adds an attraction fish can’t resist.

SPRO Eel Tails give anglers the edge they need when targeting many saltwater species. The Dura-Tough material is infused with Amino Bite Scent and is made from a highly resistant elastomer. Amino Bite Scent infused into the body of the bait creates a scent trail that the fish detect, and the custom amino acid blend triggers seizures by activating the fish’s predatory instincts. Amino Bite Scent’s unique formulation appeals to everything from the field to the reef. The scent even helps fish locate the bait in dense cover, where sight distance is limited.

The innovative Dura-Tough elastomer material is super strong, so the Eel Tail lasts fish after fish. Rugged eel tail construction stands up to even the toughest saltwater predators. The durable material floats, giving the bait the buoyancy it needs to add even more action to lures like bucktails. The extra buoyancy helps keep the bait in the water column so anglers can stay in the strike zone longer.

The 4” bait comes in single and double tail designs so anglers can tailor their lures to the conditions at hand. Choose the split tail design for extra flutter, or let the single tail glide seductively through the water for a more subtle presentation. Made in Japan, the Eel Tail is available in fish-attracting colors like Crazy Chartreuse, Green Pumpkin, Natural Red, Pink, Pearl White and Super Glow.

Unleash the potential of bucktails, hair jigs, and spinnerbaits with the Eel Tail. Add action, color and flavor to these presentations and increase catch rates. Sold in packs of three.

Eel Tail Characteristics:

  • Single or double tail design
  • Dura-Tough elastomer material
  • Infused with Amino Bite scent.
  • Floating material adds buoyancy to baits
  • Perfect for trailers for bucktails, hair jigs and spinnerbaits.
  • Available in Crazy Chartreuse, Green Pumpkin, Natural Red, Pink, Pearl White and Super Glow.
  • $6.99 per pack

Eel Tail Specifications:

  • 4″ size
  • Sold 3 per pack
  • $6.99 per pack

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