Speer Ammunition to Showcase New Products at the 2023 NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits

Speer Ammunition will showcase new products at the 2023 NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits, taking place at the Indiana Convention Center, April 14-16, 2023 in Indianapolis, Indiana. Attendees are encouraged to visit booth 5355 to see all of Federal’s new products for 2023, including the new Speer Gold Dot carbine.

“With the popularity of PCC and the continued rapid pace of new 9mm carbine introductions to the market, we thought it would be worth investigating what was possible to optimize a defensive load,” said Chris Laack, product line manager for PCC. Speer’s Centerfire pistol. “By evaluating a large selection of our existing designs, as well as others available on the market, we found that certain bullet technologies and design features stood out in performance across the carbines.”

The new Speer Gold Dot Carbine produces ideal velocities through barrels and cycles carbine length without issue. The G2-style elastomer-filled bullet nose is tuned to produce extremely effective penetration and expansion through common barriers. It is available in a 135-grain 9mm Luger load.

“While it is impossible to cover every carbine and magazine combination, we optimized the feature for as many as possible. We did a deep dive on terminal accuracy, velocity, and performance through different barrel lengths. The goal was to have a bullet that would provide the improved accuracy and terminal performance of a carbine at slightly longer ranges, up to a hundred yards, but also work well up close,” Laack continued. “Knowing that people would likely own a 9mm pistol as well, and that it’s common for carbines to share magazines with these pistols, we also made sure performance could be trusted across full-size pistols. The end product is a hybrid of different Speer Gold Dot technologies that will really work very well for people looking to have a 9mm carbine for personal defense.”

Speer Gold Dot has set an industry benchmark for both self-defense and mandatory wear, earning the trust of consumers and law enforcement around the world. Speer ammunition can be found at dealers across the country. For more information on all Speer products or to purchase online, visit www.speer.com.