Spartan Armor Systems® Savetober All Month

Spartan Armor Systems® offers customers more ways to save during three October sales promotions.

Manufacturers of American designed and manufactured bulletproof vests, tactical equipment and targets, Spartan Armor Systems® is offering loyal and new customers three ways to save on their American-made bulletproof vest protection throughout the month of October. These specials include Savetober, a four-day Black Friday early sale, and a special Halloween offer.

Savetober started earlier this month and runs until October 28, 2022. Customers can receive 15 to 25 percent off the purchase of select products, some of which include the following:

  • Hercules Level IV Ceramic Bulletproof Vest – Set of Two, uses ballistic ceramic and UHMWPE materials for total edge-to-edge protection, independently tested and verified by an NIJ certified laboratory, and rated to stop armor-piercing rifle armor up to .30-06 AP M2.
  • Elaphros Armor Systems Level III: Set of two ultralight, multi-curve UJ+HMWPE body armor with NIJ Level III certified threat protection with rifle rating.
  • Armis Level IIIA Multi-Curve Plates – A combined threat level plate that is stab and bullet resistant. Armis plates are coated/encapsulated with Spartan Armor Systems’ proprietary Encapsaloc polyurea coating.
  • Backpack Armor is Spartan Armor Systems Flex Fused Core™ in a Level IIIA soft armor panel measuring 11″ x 14″. The flexible panel fits most standard-size backpack cameras and is pistol-rated for protection.
  • The SAS Sentinel High Mobility Plate Carrier is designed to specifically fit swimmer cut body armor manufactured by Spartan Armor Systems. As its name implies, the Sentinel High Mobility Plate Carrier is designed and built for environments that require extreme movement and speed.

Spartan Armor Systems’ Black Friday four-day early bird sale began on Friday, October 14 and ends today, October 17. Enjoy 25 percent off all Steel Core bundles and body armor online during this time. Topping off Spartan Armor Systems’ month of savings is their Halloween Sale, which starts on October 29 and 31. Enjoy 20 percent off ALL products in this no-gimmick sale. It’s scary how much customers can save during the month of October with Spartan Armor Systems!

About Spartan Armor Systems®:

Spartan Armor Systems’ mission is to provide first responders and civilians with the affordable and reliable body armor protection they deserve. Spartan Armor Systems is one of the leading providers of body armor and tactical equipment in the United States, with high quality armor plates, body armor, reactive targets and more. Spartan Armor Systems specializes in NIJ compliant body armor and manufactures Level III, Level III+ and Level IV ceramic and steel threat protection. Its state-of-the-art facility in Tucson, AZ allows Spartan Armor to manufacture high volumes of body armor, resulting in some of the lowest lead times in the industry.