Spartan Armor Systems® Announces Tax Refund Sale

Save up to 30 percent off high-quality body armor from Spartan Armor Systems® now through May 1, 2023.

Spartan Armor Systems®, makers of American designed and manufactured body armor, tactical gear and targets, is pleased to announce its Tax Rebate Sale, offering customers the opportunity to save big on body armor purchases. Despite the trend to delay discounts during tax season, Spartan Armor Systems is going in the opposite direction by offering generous discounts of up to 30 percent on select items, allowing customers to protect themselves without missing out on the refund. that it cost them so much to win. The tax refund sale is available for a limited time and ends May 1, 2023.

Customers can take advantage of the Tax Rebate Sale by simply adding the desired items to the cart on the Spartan Armor Systems website and they will see the discount automatically applied at checkout. The sale includes a wide range of body protection products, including plate carriers and hard armor plates, providing options for different levels of protection and preferences. Customers are encouraged to act quickly to take advantage of significant discounts on premium body protection products from Spartan Armor Systems.

Spartan Armor Systems offers the lowest lead time of just two to five business days to ship an order. Free shipping on orders of $199 or more.

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About Spartan Armor Systems®:

Spartan Armor Systems’ mission is to provide first responders and civilians with the affordable and reliable body armor protection they deserve. Spartan Armor Systems is one of the leading providers of body armor and tactical gear in the United States, featuring high-quality armor plates, body armor, reactive targets, and more. Spartan Armor Systems specializes in NIJ compliant body armor and manufactures Tier III, Tier III+, and Tier IV ceramic and steel threat protection. Its state-of-the-art facility in Tucson, AZ allows Spartan Armor to manufacture high volumes of body armor, resulting in some of the shortest lead times in the industry.