Small game hunting seasons underway | walterboro live

By Heather Ruppe

Hunters who want to hunt small game in Colleton County can enjoy several seasons that are underway, especially on private land and only with dogs. Hunting season is currently open for raccoon, opossum, squirrel (gray and fox), beaver and rabbit (dogs only). Rabbit season is underway in all game zones in South Carolina: Colleton is in Game Zone three. Rabbit season began March 2 privately for dogs only and continues through November 23. Squirrel season, for both gray squirrels and foxes, is also now open at all game zones in South Carolina. It started for dogs only on March 2 and will continue until September 30. Fox season is also now open in all play areas (March 2-November 23 for dogs only) and the beaver is on private land in all play areas year-round. in the Palmetto state. If you’re interested in using dogs to hunt opossums and squirrels, you can do so on private land in all game zones now through September 14. For more information on small game hunting seasons in South Carolina, visit the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources. ‘ Website at