SLG2, Inc Announces 5-Year Partnership Extension With Bass Pro Shops

SLG2, Inc.®, the industry-leading event marketing company and includes the Shoot Like A Girl®, Safe LivinG™, Hunt Like A Girl™ and SLG2 Consulting brands, is pleased to announce the extension of its partnership for 5 years with Bass Pro Shops®. Dedicated to educating women and their families on the importance of firearms, community and family safety, SLG2, Inc. travels to Bass Pro Shops/Cabela’s storefronts across the country, introducing guests to the sports of shooting and education on how to live safely.

“Through our partnership with Bass Pro Shops/Cabela’s, we have been able to create a tremendous impact with community members across the country and the industry as a whole,” said Karen Butler, President and CEO of SLG2, Inc. “Bass Pro Shops/Cabela’s customers and employees hold a very special place in our hearts. With hundreds of moving testimonials and countless lives changed, this ongoing partnership is critical to enhancing and maximizing Shoot Like A Girl’s mission.”

In 2022, the mobile range traveled more than 35,000 miles to Bass Pro Shops/Cabela locations and continues to provide women and their families with the resources to build unmatched confidence in their sport shooting skills in 2023. From new to seasoned shooters , SLG2, Inc Trailer Stops introduce guests to safe driving and shooting from various disciplines.

Shoot Like A Girl’s 15-Year Expansion Tour and Safe LivinG Tour mark an important milestone for the company, and thanks to partners like Bass Pro Shops, they are able to continue to expand the mission of educating others about the importance of safety the firearms. Those who visit the shooting range not only learn about responsible gun ownership, the benefits of firearms, and the positive influence that participation in shooting sports can have on their lives, but each guest leaves forever empowered. and confident in his new abilities.

To learn more about Shoot Like A Girl’s mission, partners, resources and events, visit and

About SLG2, Inc.

Founded in 2008, SLG2, Inc. is a marketing company that delivers results to its partner advertisers through interactive experiences and trusted market research. SLG2, Inc. currently has four brands: Shoot Like A Girl®, Safe LivinG™, Hunt Like A Girl™ and SLG2 Consulting.

Shoot Like A Girl is dedicated to empowering women and their families to participate in shooting sports through interactive experiences on its iconic mobile range of semi-trucks. The women and their families learn to shoot a pistol, rifle and bow in a safe and controlled environment.

Safe LivinG™ is dedicated to empowering women, men, families, and communities to live safely in their homes and neighborhoods using an experience-based introduction to a variety of safety measures.

Hunt Like A Girl is dedicated to empowering women through hunting adventures, partnering with Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s Club to boost confidence and promote the outdoors. Hunt Like A Girl, along with partners like Beretta, also hosts industry hunts that allow guests to participate in hunts while creating marketing content.

SLG2 Consulting provides sound, data-driven advice to develop strategies for partners to take advantage of today’s market. The data is obtained by maximizing the experience, knowledge and feedback obtained from guests of Shoot Like A Girl, Safe LivinG and Hunt Like A Girl.