Slayer Enchantress Elk Call Review

I first learned to call moose in 2003, although I’ve never been very good at calling moose. At best, I sound like a raggedy young spike, but sometimes that really weak-sounding satellite bull is a little more distressing to an excited bull than sounding like a big herd bull. I’ve had so much success with this method that I’ll probably stick with it for now. At the moment, I’m much more interested in becoming a better turkey and duck caller than worrying about moose. The good news is that Enchantress Elk Call from Slayer Game Calls is very easy to learn.

I have spent quite a bit of time filming some of the best moose callers in the world. I love seeing techniques in the field with guides. It has always bothered me that I can’t do what they do; specifically, I couldn’t put a reed call in my mouth without an immediate gag reflex. I could never get over it. I did everything I could to get through this, including pruning and cutting dozens of rushes to try to get them to work every time with the same conclusion. No good.

Slayer created Enchantress Elk Call to be a true all-in-one external call that is easy to learn and creates realistic elk sounds. The Enchantress is a push call that has an internal reed with a silicone cover that works like a rubber “tongue” to compress the reed and draw out treble tones with the call. To work this call, use your thumbnail to squeeze the button and create the sounds. Slayer produced a great video with Cody McCarthy, Slayer’s Head of Product Innovation. How Enchantress works and tips on how to use Enchantress are great videos to help you get started with this call. The external call connects to the Swagger bugle tube, allowing the bugle tube to make more realistic bull sounds. This method is easy to pull off the bugle to mimic moose sounds. We like that Slayer donates 10% of every purchase to organizations that work to protect wildlife, the environment, and support conservation efforts, all of which ultimately protect our hunting heritage. If you can’t use a rod (or even if you can), this is a call worth buying. The Swagger Bugle Tube is exceptional for reed callers so you can have one or multiple calls. WIN WIN.