SK Customs® debuts “Pancho Villa” as the first pistol in the new “La Revolución” series

SK Customs is celebrating the rich history of the Mexican Revolution with its latest series, “La Revolución”. The beginning of the historical series is “Pancho Villa”, a weapon that tells the story of the revolutionary general of Mexico, Francisco “Pancho” Villa.

“We are proud to announce our new series, ‘The Revolution,’” said Simon Khiabani, owner and founder of SK Customs®. “’Pancho Villa’ marks the first pistol in limited edition production of just 300 full-size Colt 19lls chambered in 38 Super. These beautifully engraved collectible firearms honor the Mexican Revolution, a defining historical event that lasted just over 10 years.”

A beautiful floral Cannae scroll frames a dramatic illustration of Pancho Villa on horseback galloping into battle on the left side of the firearm. Along with an engraved representation of the Monument to the Revolution in Mexico City, the side is completed with the general’s Army, known as “División del Norte”, holding a banner with Pancho Villa’s iconic phrase, “Shoot him, we’ll find out later,” translated as “Shoot him, we’ll find out later.”

The coat of arms Emblem of the Free and Sovereign State of Durango, engraved with “REVOLUTION”, decorate the right side of the “Pancho Villa”. Selective coverage of a Cannae floral scroll with a frosted shaded border and a right-profile design of the general galloping fearlessly into battle. This side of the gun is complete with the phrase, “The Centaur of the North” translated “The Centaur of the North”.

An accentuated portrait of Francisco Pancho Villa entitled “1878-1923 Centennial,” what does 100 meanthe anniversary of their passing is at the top of the slide. The top of the ejection port shows Pancho Villa’s bandolier loaded with .30-30 caliber cartridges, while the rear sight shows the coat of arms of Mexico (1899-1917).

The weapon is honed with a highly polished frame, slide, barrel and hardware engraved with selective gold and silver plating on the slide. Custom antique gold weight medallions adorn the new Kirinite-style grips for a remarkable finish.

Each firearm in this series includes an engraved edition number. To learn more about SK Customs®, the story behind this sequence of pistols, visit

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