SITKA relaunches its ecosystem grant program and continues to invest in conservation

SITKA announces new initiatives that use science and management to feed natural systems through its grant program.

SITKA is calling for ecosystem grant applications under the banner of New Program Priorities to continue to support conservation impacts made not only by large organizations but also by grassroots efforts led by passionate individuals. These grants will continue to fund projects that improve the status and function of an ecosystem through habitat restoration, biodiversity, conservation, and working landscapes, while supporting the growth of the hunting experience through access , education and tutoring. A new initiative will work across sectors in a co-management effort to prioritize entire ecosystems through collaborative conservation.

Lindsey Davis is the new director of conservation and advocacy for SITKA Gear and leads this important program that has been a SITKA initiative since 2019. Davis comes to SITKA with experience in conservation and advocacy with a wide range of constituents, including ranchers, farmers, and underserved communities. , native tribes, educational institutions, businesses and policy experts. She has worked in the outdoor and environmental sectors for nearly two decades and serves on various boards in the industry, as well as being a volunteer citizen scientist. “I am delighted to work with the SITKA team and build on her conservation legacy. SITKA’s focus on prioritizing entire ecosystems stands out not only in the hunting space, but in the outdoor industry as a whole. The pillars and priorities of our newly refined program will allow SITKA to continue to make an impact in protecting wildlife and their habitats, while ensuring the future of hunting and building new conservation partnerships,” he said. Davis.

As an industry leader, SITKA’s perspective goes beyond growing the gaming population. The Ecosystem Grant Program uses science and stewardship to fuel natural systems, and strives to actively give back to people and initiatives to ensure our natural resources and ways of life are protected and accessible for future generations. Through collaborative partnerships, SITKA’s efforts have helped numerous organizations advance key research, education, and advocacy that bolster conservation work across the country.

To learn more about SITKA’s Ecosystem Grant Program, see the projects SITKA has supported, or to apply for a grant, visit the website here!

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