Sinkhole Detected on Hank Aaron State Trail

Trail closed from 76th St. to 89th St.

MADISON, Wisconsin. – The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) announced today that the Hank Aaron State Trail will close effective immediately between 76he street and 89he Access points to the street.

Due to recent rains, a sinkhole has formed on the trail surface. Upon staff inspection, it was determined that the hole extends several feet below the paved surface, creating an unsupported void below the asphalt layer and posing a safety concern for both trail integrity and trail users. path. A portion of the trail will require excavation and replacement prior to further use.

The non-motorized Hank Aaron State Trail runs from the Milwaukee lakefront to the Waukesha county line using both street and rail trail segments. Approximately 200,000 bicyclists, hikers, and walkers use the urban paved trail annually.

Various alternative routes can be used depending on preference and destination. Shortest detour route signage will be placed on a temporary barricade at 76he street and 89he Street and trail access points prior to closure. Additional closure associated with 70he The reconstruction of the bridge St. is still expected on July 14, July 17 and July 18 between the 68he street and 72North Dakota Access points to the street.

DNR understands the importance of the trail to recreational and commuter users and will make emergency repairs as soon as possible to limit disruption to trail use. Upon inspection and scheduling by the contractor, updates to closing dates will be posted on the Hank Aaron State Trail property page.