SilencerCo will carry out the end of the year promotion

Buy a Suppressor, Receive a $200 Coupon for SilencerCo’s Online Store

SilencerCo has launched an end-of-year suppressor promotion that runs from November 15, 2022 through December 31, 2022. Any customer who purchases one of SilencerCo’s qualifying suppressors during this time period will receive a $200 coupon. at the SilencerCo store. Qualifying suppressors can be purchased through a SilencerCo dealer, to find a dealer click here.

The $200 coupon code will be valid from January 1, 2023 to June 30, 2023 and can be redeemed on any item sold in SilencerCo’s online store. To qualify, customers must register their newly purchased suppressor by January 20, 2023, providing proof of purchase and a completed Form 4. To register, click here.

“There is no limit to the number of qualified suppressors a customer can purchase,” said Jessica Kallam, vice president of marketing, customer service and warranty. “And customers will receive a $200 coupon for EVERY suppressor they register.”

Qualifying products (product must be in stock, no back orders):

  • Hybrid 46M SU5107
  • Hybrid 46 SU2271 (black), SU1532 (grey), SU2641 (FDE) and SU2642 (white)
  • Omega 36M SU4735
  • Combine harvester EVO SU5060
  • Omega 300 SU2281 (black), SU1286 (grey), SU1352 (FDE) and SU2649 (white)
  • Chimera 300 SU2616 (black), SU2645 (FDE) and SU2646 (white)
  • Saker 556K SU2256 (current) and SU851 (discontinued)
  • Saker 556 SU2255 (current) and SU245 (discontinued)
  • Omega 9K SU2643 (FDE only other colors not included in this promo)
  • Omega 45K SU2254
  • Harvester 300 SU627
  • Combine 338 SU666

Terms and Conditions

This promotion is open only to legal residents of the US who are 21 years of age or older. Void where prohibited. Employees of SIlencerCo and any of its distributors or dealers involved in this promotion are not eligible to participate. This offer cannot be combined with SilencerCo special program orders. SilencerCo reserves the right to end the promotion at any time.

Products must be purchased through a retailer between November 15, 2022 and December 31, 2022. A copy of your date-stamped receipt and a copy of your Form 4 will be required at registration.

No purchase quantity limit. Purchases must register before January 20, 2023.

SilencerCo is not responsible for late shipments. Products cannot be returned or exchanged for other products of similar value or for monetary exchange. Offer valid in states that allow muffler ownership.

Offer limited to products in stock at your distributor during the time of the promotion. Failure to submit the correct information and documents may result in a delay in processing your promotion registration.

  • The suppressor(s) must be paid in full between November 15 and December 31, 2022.
  • Each redemption must include one of the qualified suppressors
  • You must submit a date-stamped receipt and a copy of your submitted form 4
  • No limit on redemptions
  • no pending orders
  • Without sections
  • The coupon code will be emailed to you after your registration has been verified
  • Coupon code valid from January 1 to June 30, 2023
  • Coupon code cannot be combined with SilencerCo web store sales


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