SilencerCo releases the rights of KRYTAC® to develop the exclusive Maxim 9 Airsoft pistol

SilencerCo is pleased to announce that KRYTAC® will release an airsoft version of its iconic Maxim 9 integrally silenced pistol. The two companies have entered into an exclusive license agreement, granting KRYTAC® the rights to develop its first gasoline-powered airsoft pistol as a Maxim 9 replica. These airsoft Maxim’s will be available through KRYTAC’s distribution network, which includes the United States, Europe, Asia and South America.

The KRYTAC® Maxim® 9 is constructed of a reinforced polymer frame with an anodized aluminum slide and baffles. The baffles are modular, allowing the versatility of a short configuration (240mm) and a long configuration (275mm). Below the baffles, there are three keymod cutouts where a short rail section can be mounted. The fixed barrel is threaded to accept a special version of the famous Acetech Bifrost airsoft tracer unit, designed specifically for the KRYTAC® Maxim® 9.

The KRYTAC® Maxim® 9 is also ready for micro dot optics with provisions for KRYTAC’s new multi-fingerprint mounting plate, which accommodates RMR®, RMR®cc and RMS fingerprint optics. It can be fired in semi-automatic or full-automatic mode, and is fed through a lightweight, 24-round aluminum magazine.

“The SilencerCo Maxim 9 was the world’s first fully suppressed 9mm pistol that is holsterable and ear safe with 9mm ammunition,” said Andrew Herbst, Product Manager for SilencerCo. “It is a unique product that bridges the gap between carrying a concealed handgun and staying hearing safe. We are excited to share this innovative product with the airsoft community!”

Offer and Availability

The standard version of the KRYTAC® Maxim® 9 is offered in the short configuration with either green gas or COtwo magazine. Accessories sold separately include the Maxim® 9 Tracer and extended baffle kit, multi-finger optics plate, holster, and short keymod rail section. The Maxim® 9 Standard, Tracer and Extension Kit, Muti-footprint Optics Plate and keymod rail section are scheduled for delivery in November 2022.

The KRYTAC® Maxim® 9 Deployment Package will consist of the standard configuration pistol, with one green gas and one CO2 magazine, including all Maxim® 9 accessories in a custom foamed carry case for Maxim® 9 and all the accessories. The MAXIM® 9 Implementation Package is scheduled for delivery in December 2022.


MAXIMUM® 9 standard gasoline $220.00
MAXIMUM® 9 standard CO2 $220.00
MAXIMUM® 9 Implementation Package $479.00
Extension and tracer kit $129.95
MAXIMUM® 9 holster $34.95
Multi-finger optical plate $24.95

About SilencerCo

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