Silencer Central scheduled to attend Suppressed Fest 2022

Silencer Central, America’s largest distributor of silencers, is scheduled to attend the annual Suppressed Fest held at Ares Firearms Training Facility in Leesburg, Florida on November 12-13, 2022. Following the recent release of Banish Backcountry, Silencer Central will showcase a live event. line of fire and sell directly to consumers at the exclusive event.

Presented by the NFA Review Channel, Suppressed Fest expands the opportunity for live demonstrations of firearms and suppressors that have made a significant impact in the last year. With more shooting opportunities and fewer lines, this sold-out event will give attendees time to experience the iconic Banish line firsthand and speak with experts to learn how Silencer Central makes buying a silencer simple.

“Suppressed Fest is a great event connecting major manufacturers and consumers to the world of suppressors,” said Brandon Maddox, CEO of Silencer Central. “We are thrilled with the opportunity to offer live demonstrations of our leading products, sell directly to consumers, and connect with industry professionals and enthusiasts.”

Silencer Central delivers directly to customers in the 42 states where silencers are legal. The consignment process has revolutionized the way suppressors are sold and allows customers to streamline their buying experience by removing unnecessary obstacles to muffler ownership.

Customers can purchase directly at the event venue, as well as a chance to win a free muffler. For more information, call 888-781-8778 or visit

About Silencer Central:

Silencer Central began its illustrious journey in 2005 as South Dakota Silencer, an event-based company created with the goal of reaching the underserved sport shooting and hunting market by simplifying the silencer ownership process. It became the Dakota Silencer and was eventually renamed Silencer Central after expanding its streamlined process in August 2020 to all 42 states where silencers are legal. Ranked in the 2022 Inc. 5000 list of Fastest Growing Companies, Silencer Central simplifies buying a silencer by managing the entire buying process for the consumer, providing a free NFA Gun Trust, offering interest-free payment options, and Shipped directly to your doorstep, once approved.