Shoot United launches field event experiences with featured shooting ranges

Shoot United launched a series of events this past August in partnership with local shooting ranges to help those just beginning their journey in shooting sports and responsible firearm ownership. Participants had access to expert trainers, received educational resources, and experienced firearms first-hand at the shooting range.

“Shoot United’s first events included participants from very diverse backgrounds who were curious and excited to learn more about topics related to shooting sports,” said Jason Gilbertson, director of marketing for Shoot United. “The atmosphere was not intimidating. It was engaging, and people of all experience levels learned and experienced firearms in very positive ways. We will continue to partner directly with shooting ranges across the country who are willing to help with Shoot United events as we move into 2023.”

Kicking off in August to coincide with National Shooting Sports Month, Shoot United hosted more than 130 people at shooting ranges in select metropolitan areas across the country. Focusing on an introduction to firearms training at The Modern Sportsman event allowed for a small group instructional session with one-on-one scope time. At the Hyatt Farms Shooting Complex event, all three firearms disciplines (shotgun, pistol and rifle) were introduced, giving new shooters the opportunity to explore different firearms in a safe and supportive environment.

Each event provided new entrants with the opportunity to ask questions of certified firearms instructors and professional competitive shooters, have fun with friends and family, while gaining safe and supportive hands-on experience during their time in the field. threw.

Shooting ranges that are interested in hosting a Shoot United event can contact

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Shoot United is committed to the safe, legal and responsible use of firearms. Shoot United supports key groups like the National Shooting Sports Foundation on a variety of issues important to our industry, including training and education, and specific programs like Gun Owners Care and Project ChildSafe. Shoot United will continue to support programs, organizations and individuals that promote hunting and shooting sports activities in a positive and responsible environment. Any use of firearms by participating youth must be done under the direct supervision of a parent, guardian, or other responsible adult.

About shooting united

Shoot United™ is a dynamic initiative designed to promote all that is wholesome and wholesome about shooting sports and responsible firearms ownership. It is time spent outdoors with family and friends. is competition It is one of the funniest and safest recreational activities in the country. The mission is to raise awareness and activate new entrants to the sport by sharing engaging and educational content as well as providing resources where people can learn how to participate in shooting sports and hunting activities.